Quiz: The week in review


At least once a month, I try to put together the News Cut weekly news quiz. This is your lucky day. Be sure to post your results below.

  • nk

    I performed miserably as usual. 6 out of 15. I almost guessed several correct answers – does that count for anything?

  • Emily N

    8 out of 15 with one hint. Pretty ok considering I normally get a 6 or 7. I must have less to do and more time for News Q.

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    My best performance ever on a News Cut quiz. 12/15. Woo!

  • momkat

    11 out of 15–my all time best. it must have been Wait Wait Dont Tell Me! BYW, when is a meercat a mercat? (We cats have to stick together.)

  • Sam

    9/15, with no hints. And I should have had two more, but second-guessed myself…

  • Derek

    11 / 15. By far the best I’ve ever done.

  • vjacobsen

    I got a 10, no hints. Is is bobblhead or bobblehead? Wow. I feel dumber just for typing that.

  • Duke Powell

    10 out of 15.

    Not bad considering I thought this was one of the hardest news quiz I’ve taken here.

  • david z

    11/15 again. I’m stuck there. Should have been more — I knew some of the answers, I just read the question wrong. Yeah, right.

  • Krista

    13/14- I love summer vacation! More time for News Cut and life in general. I told you so–summer vacation DOES make me smarter!

  • LK

    It appears that I’ve started the mid-summer vacation a week early this year. Only seven!