Much ado about Franken

Did Al Franken fall asleep during Elena Kagan’s opening statement at her Supreme Court hearing on Monday? No.

Let he who has not closed his/her eyes for 10 seconds in a meeting cast the first stone!

The Web site Mediaite is making a big deal out of Sen. Al Franken closing his eyes — dozing, is the word the website used — during Elena Kagan’s opening statement at her Supreme Court nomination hearing today.

Dozing? You be the judge

From what I could tell, Al Franken’s eyes were closed for four seconds.

  • Bob Moffitt

    At least they didn’t complain about Sen. Byrd’s lack of focus on the hearing.

  • John P.

    Did you hear that thing? I nearly fell asleep during the 10 second except on Morning Edition.

    Besides, since nearlty everyone agrees Kagan is going to be confirmed, the only purpose these things have is for the Senators to grandstand.

  • barryl

    It IS is big deal. If it was Norm or any other Republican you would be all over it. Minnesota’s US SENATOR was FALLILNG ASLEEP. He embarrased not only himself, but MN as whole. We are a laughing stock for electing him. Take the blinders off !!!

  • Rusty

    Would someone please explain to mean what is meant by the expression “FALLILNG ASLEEP?” It sounds like some kind of celtic dream.

  • JackU


    Franken = Liberal

    Coleman = Not Liberal

    Accepting the above definitions then:

    Franken nod off on Fox News

    Coleman nod off on MSNBC

    Conclusion: Cable news networks will show that which supports their main audiences concept of proper or outrageous behavior by politicians.

    I suspect if one hunted clips from MSNBC some Republican Senator can be found having a similar reaction.

    As to his qualifications he does have a degree in Political Science. Of course it’s from a slacker institution in Massachusetts that no one has heard of called Harvard.