Let them eat oil?

Well-deserved day off or the second coming of Marie Antoinette? Tony Hayward, the man deposed last week as the public face of the BP oil spill, is — it turns out — still the public face of the BP oil spill. On his first day off since the April explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, Hayward went to the yacht races yesterday.

“I wish I could get a day off from oil,” a Gulf Coast fisherman said.

Meanwhile, oil continues to gush into the yachtless-water of the Gulf. The estimate of how much has soared pass the 25,000-barrels-a-day guess of a few weeks ago. But even that low end is still a heck of a lot of oil as this animation shows.

Another attempt at “visualization” considers the amount that’s gushing vs. the amount we use:
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