Fresh Eye on the Radio: Rolling Stone’s relevance

Mary Lucia reveals why Rolling Stone, which has brought down a general, had become irrelevant.


Since Rolling Stone did what the Taliban could not do, many people have suggested that the magazine is “relevant again.” News Cut was not aware that it had become irrelevant, especially since Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi provides some of the most interesting political coverage in the country.

Irrelevant? To understand the assertion, News Cut turned to Senior Rolling Stone correspondent Mary Lucia of the Current. And we got the whole football — soccer, whatever — thing figured out today, too.

  • TJ

    Hear hear. Matt Taibbi is a phenomenal reporter, one of the few true investigative journalists working on a national scale these days. His financial reporting over the last few years have been crucial to understanding what really happened.

  • Sam

    Second the Twitter-er. (Tweeter? Not up on the lingo.) You and Mary make my day, even on the days when you’re acting all grumpy.

    Speaking of which, she’s right about the soccer. The reason you’re seeing endless news reports about World Cup-related topics that aren’t actually about the game of soccer is because that’s what the American media has resorted to to try and get us to care about the World Cup. It’s the same garbage they pull with the Olympics every two years, and it says much less about the game of soccer than it does about the state of American sports journalism.

  • Bob Collins


  • tired

    Matt Taibbi interview at about 5 minutes:

    “… complicated news doesn’t do well … it took me 30 seconds to describe that.”

    We really do have the government we deserve.