Fresh Eye on the Radio: Life imitates bad art

On_deadly_ground.jpg If the grotesque images of helpless birds looking like so many chocolate Easter bunnies isn’t enough to scream “disaster” in the Gulf of Mexico, maybe this is: The BP oil disaster is reminding me of a Steven Seagal movie. These are difficult times requiring the courage to acknowledge I’ve seen a Steven Seagal movie.

Here’s today’s news conversation with the Current’s Mary Lucia.

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And thanks to listeners Chris Harrison in San Diego and Sarah Jirak (probably closer to home), here’s the clip I referred to. (Note: This is not suitable for the workplace or where children are present. Strong language comes from the mouth of Michael Caine.)

And here’s the other — completely unrelated — clip I mentioned while talking to Mary: the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interview with Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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