Five by 10 – 6/30/10 – Larry’s legacy, two stupid robbers and a 50-foot-tall model

Larry King announces his retirement, and two robbers are caught on camera making rookie robber mistakes; oh, and a giant augmented reality model awes crowds at Times Square by taking their picture.

1) “For now, for here, it’s time to hang up the nightly suspenders.”

Larry King announces his retirement:

Now, I’m not sure how Larry King would do covering first for the Twins, but, as Bill Maher put it:

You are definitely the Mickey Mantle of broadcasters.

Larry King retires after 25 years of interviews on CNN, citing little league games and time with his wife… encore, Mr. King, encore! (via CNN)

2) Just blocks away from this very newsdesk in downtown St. Paul, Lowertown’s restaurant scene is growing like a weeds in a garden — very delicious, gourmet weeds in a formerly unattended garden… the Pioneer Press shows us all the great spots to get a bite to eat with this interactive map and list of places (via Pioneer Press).

3) AP style is something most journalists struggle with for years; confusion about gerunds, phrases and even simple verbs persists throughout centuries of writing.

Bank robbers don’t need to worry about AP style, but I would assume most went to GRAMMAR school… this one didn’t, apparently.

Fridley Police captured Michael, 47, at a bus stop near the TCF Bank he allegedly robbed after handing the teller a note that read, “Give money, I gun.”

You’re robbing a bank… have some class, man! At least he didn’t trip on his way out, like this St. Paul robbery suspect, who obviously needed all that medication to help him carry that machete around (via Minn Local and Pioneer Press).

4) When augmented reality, advertising, and the ever-growing sea of people in New York’s Times Square combine, the finished product is a 50-foot-tall model taking polaroids of tourists.

Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

There’s something simultaneously creepy and creepily exciting about this advertising campaign… imagine all the things you could do, like this ad from the Netherlands which pulls you into the scene of a vicious crime.

Whether it’s Forever 21 or a public service announcement from Europe, this is technology and advertising’s brainchild that has some serious potential (via Gizmodo).

5) The New York Time’s “A Year at War” has a photo slideshow up on their photojournalism site, the Lens blog.

From the collection, photo by Damon Winter for the New York Times


[ Note: Due to a hiccup on my part, your normally scheduled Five by 8 is Five by 10 today. – Julia Schrenkler]