Call for entries: What’s the story?

These are the days when walking on a sidewalk beats walking in a skyway, past many things we’ve seen so often, we don’t think twice about them.

So here’s News Cut’s summer project: Find images in your day that scream “What’s the story here?”

Here’s an example: From a bike rack across the street from the Minnesota Children’s Museum in downtown St. Paul:


What’s the story with this bike? How long has it been here? Did the person ever get back home? Who needed handlebars badly enough to steal them? Why was one pedal taken, and not two? Which will happen first? A new stadium for the Vikings or the removal of the bike’s skeletal remains?

I imagine the person was to meet someone on a blind date at the Children’s Museum. It was love; the kind of love that makes you forget where you put the key to your bike. But it didn’t matter, because it was love, and she had a car.

Got a better story? Write it below. Got a candidate for “What’s the story?” Send your image and comments via this form.

  • Jim!!!

    I’m guessing the other pedal was left because the thief didn’t realize it has reverse threads (righty loosey, lefty tighty)

    The rider? Maybe a RNC protester who got Extraordinary Renditioned to some eastern block country.