A celebrity divorce

They said it would never last; it didn’t.

After 40 years of marriage, Al and Tipper Gore are getting a divorce, it was announced today. Face it, you didn’t buy that kiss back in 2000, did you? It was a little too passionate for married folk.

  • JSK

    I realize you’re being silly, but I beg to differ that the kiss was too passionate for married folk.

    Maybe it was too passionate a public display of affection for prudish and puritanical Americans… 😛

  • Bob, that’s cynical, even for you.

    More likely the marriage grew rocky thanks to the fact that for the last dozen years the American right has shamelessly pilloried Al Gore for:

    1) Being right about global warming

    2) Being right about Iraq

    3) Being right about the need to develop alternative energy sources

    4) Winning the 2000 election.

    The dude has turned into a tub of lard, a quarter of the country thinks he’s a joke (for all the wrong reasons), and he gets exactly no respect.

    Even from you.

    Yeah, I think that could lead to a marriage going on the rocks.

  • macalum


    This post disappoints me. It’s a cheap, cynical shot at someone’s private life. The suggestion that somehow, a choreographed kiss 10 years ago betrayed anything other than bad stagecraft is pretty low.

  • Bob Collins

    Adding Al and Tipper Gore to the list of sacred cows. I’ll just write it here next to “bear cubs.”

  • Sacred cow? I voted for Nader in 2000, and have criticized Al Gore since the 1980s.

    I really don’t like the guy.

    But given that, your post was extraordinarily unfair.

    If you ever make me defend Sarah Palin, I’ll never forgive you.

  • Susan Gray

    I’m with you Bob. The kiss was awkward in every regard – body position, authenticity and length.