Stuck in oil


Somewhere under all that oil, is a bird. Assuming your blood pressure can take it, the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog has must-see images from the oil spill.

“Why wasn’t there a plan for this?” The Current’s Mary Lucia asked me during our news chat today. “Because there’d also have to be a plan to ignore all of the other plans that were designed to prevent it,” I said.

  • Gorg Borg

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the Gulf Oil Disaster is the single event that really moves the Alternative Fuels & Energy movement from talk to reality. One of the main barriers to making alternative fuels mainstream is the cost of putting in the infastructure. I am not sure how much we will spend on the Gulf Disaster when all is said and done, but I would imagine it will be astounding. All of a sudden, the cost of making Alternative Energy mainstream may not seem like all that much…

  • Noelle

    I was looking at these photos on the bus ride home last night – while my phone’s screen didn’t do them nearly enough justice, I had to hold back tears seeing these hearbreaking images.