1,000 Words: The Storm

The commuters of St. Paul and Minneapolis had it rough, especially the ‘Never Say Dry’ bicycle commuters.

The News Cut Woodbury bureau didn’t get hit very badly from Friday afternoon’s storms, forcing me only to run faster with the lawn mower while vowing to finish the lawn. But the commuters of St. Paul and Minneapolis had it rough, especially the “Never Say Dry” bicycle commuters.

Photographer Ryan Coleman shot some great pictures at 22nd and Lyndale. Find them on Flickr.

Midtown News posted this one on Twitpic at the 2400 block of 10th. Click it to see the big one.

Beware of flooding. 2400 10th. on Twitpic

8:36 p.m. – This video is in from Bloomington.

9:10 p.m. – Colleague Julia Schrenkler stnapped this picture of a driver who had never heard any of the warnings over the years about racing cars into standing water.


Don’t forget, this weekend is the Third Annual News Cut “A Weekend in the Life of Minnesota” project. Send the best picture you have which captures a moment of you (or someone else) “experiencing” Minnesota.

  • Bob,

    Thanks for putting my photos up, I really appreciate it.

    Never Say Dry, huh? Those bikers — I omitted other photos of them — kept going back through when the light turned green. They were having a blast with it.

    For once I was in the right place at the right time. Not the first flooding of a south Minneapolis street I’ve been through (Nicollet flooded in 2006 and, after the storm, my camera was stolen however I already had my photos and the thief was apprehended and the camera returned). And I was unfortunately working in New Brighton when the twister came through on August 19 last year.

    Thanks again for the inclusion of my photographs in your post.