The Employed: Thomas Schunk

We met software developer Thomas Schunk last year as part of News Cut’s series “The Unemployed,” when he lost his job at United HealthCare after 11 years. He looked forward to being the one who brought treats to his job-search support group, indicating he found work.

Presumably, he’s ponied up for the snacks because we got this update from him today:

I wanted to follow up with you. I have been busy lately. About two months ago, I was offered a position with Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc. I am a Software Developer.

Originally it was meant to be a part-time position. However, a recent rapid increase in sales has kept my work schedule to nearly 40 hours per week. I have been so busy installing new customers and importing their data into the Trail Blazer software that I have spent less than a total of 20 hours programming.

I like my coworkers and love being productive again. Of course, having a regular paycheck again helps.

Again, thank you for meeting with me and publishing my story.

Who’s next?

  • Joanna

    Great news! I love hearing the news after a series like this, thanks for sharing the updates.