Scenes from the MPR open house

Why do we love open houses and State Fairs at News Cut? Because we get a chance to be reminded that there are people out there who actually listen and read our stuff. Interesting people. Smart people. People with their own stories to tell if only there were a — oh, I don’t know — blogger, perhaps, who specializes in telling their stories.

Here’s how some people spent their Sunday afternoon.

Paul Weimer has posted additional photographs on Flickr.

  • Hi Bob,

    Gah, my picture does me no favors or justice! 🙂

    It was a pleasure to meet you and the rest of the MPR crew.

    I wasn’t happy with most of the pictures *I* took, but I uploaded the few that made the cut:

  • Annabelle Ludwig

    Thanks so much for talking with me! I am working on the blog you reccomended- I have decided on Google Blogger. I enjoyed talking to you and the other hosts\ radio personalities so much! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Bob Collins

    Those are great pictures, Paul. You have an eye.

  • Dana Bacon

    Hi, Bob – very nice to meet you today in person. The whole open house was a great experience, and I’d encourage other members to check it out. Thanks for the friendly tweet, and keep up the sweet work!

    Dana, photo 17 of 20

    P.S. @Annabelle, are you going to use Google Buzz to help share your blog content?

  • DNA

    It was a pleasure to meet the warm hearts of MPR in the UBS Forum at the fresh, clean and cool station of intelligence and inquiry 🙂

    Thanks for the Open House. I wish I had arrived earlier although it was fun beings the among the last to close it out. Hopefully there’ll be one next year, maybe next year MPR will remember “Hemp History Week”

    Blessings to MPR staff, volunteers, members and all connected.

  • LK

    We had a blast!

  • Krista

    Sorry for not commenting earlier, but our internet was down (gasp!)

    It was delightful to take in the behind-the-scenes workings of MPR. I only wish that we could have seen the News Cut World Headquarters up close and personal, but we will settle for UBS forum. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have finals to grade.