It’s an illegal, old flag


There’s a little something in this story out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for everybody. A couple has been forced to take down the American flag they’ve put in their window.

The building’s management company says it has a policy against putting things in the window, according to WTMJ in Milwaukee.

“We just don’t allow people to stick things in their window,” Midwest Realty Management president Rodney Oschleger explained. “Instead of drapes or blinds, for example, we don’t allow them to put sheets. We don’t allow them to put flags or banners or religious or political things.”

But it’s the flag, counters the apartment renter:

“We’re talking about the American flag, we’re talking about what this country was founded on,” she said. “I believe that people have the freedom of speech that my husband fought for and they can portray that all they want, but we are in America right now and I think we should be able to hang the flag with dignity and with pride.”

The apartment complex owner denies he’s unpatriotic — pointing to four American flags on the property. He is, however, guilty of some ridiculously terrible timing.

For the record, the flag in Oshkosh is displayed improperly, according to the U.S. flag code:

(i) When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left. When displayed in a window, the flag should be displayed in the same way, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street.

If you’re going to make an issue out of the display of the American flag, at least understand the proper way to display it.

  • Ryan

    What I find worse is the companies that display tattered, faded or otherwise uncared for flags on their properties. My former employer – whose name I will not mention because my departure was more than amicable – had a tattered flag up for many weeks; and much of the upper management staff is retired or reservists. But the worst part is the ones that do not light their flags, have it on a pole below the state or county flag (I’ve seen some county offices do this).

  • Tyler

    I sure wish people knew that the flag code even *existed*, and then followed it.

  • Jon

    I was just having a conversation about this a while back.

    The american flag, is such a decisive contraption. My dad was on a camp out with a boy group in Australia he any my brother were the only ones there who were not from Australia, in putting the Australian flag away my dad asked one of the other adults (who was former Australian military) how to fold an Australian flag, no one there knew. My dad had the boys fold 5-10 flags in to triangles, cause it’s the only way he knew how to fold a flag. (turns out they roll their flags we learned later)

    In the UK most citizens can’t even tell if the flag is right side up or upside down… much less knowing how to light it.

    though as of saying all this as a disclaimer I once got into a fight with a teacher when I was in 3rd or 4th grade over where the flag should be during an assembly (it wasn’t on the stage, and it was on the wrong side…) Why is it in the US we have so many more people willing to make such a display around how the flag is displayed then any other country I’ve heard of?

  • Jim Hartmann

    Fleet Farm has canvas flag chairs you can sit on.

  • Bob Collins

    //Why is it in the US we have so many more people willing to make such a display around how the flag is displayed…

    Because we have so many people who make a display around displaying the flag.

  • Justin Smith

    “We’re talking about the American flag, we’re talking about what this country was founded on,”

    That’s not even very accurate. In 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, there was no official U.S. flag. The most commonly used flag at that time had red and white stripes, but in place of the blue field of stars was a little union jack of Britain. Granted, in 1777 the continental congress adopted a 13 star, 13 stripe flag. However, even still, the country was hardly founded on a flag. It was founded on certain ideas like self-government (no taxation without representation) and the like.

  • JimW

    So, if the couple mount the flag on the wall, opposite the window and aim a flood light at it, then it’s not in the window – right? You would have to be considered a peeping-tom to complain and peeking in people’s windows is, at least, rude, if not illegal. Perhaps this “realty” company has employees with too much time on their hands that they can go around looking for issues to threaten tenants with. I’m a former landlord and I would have been thrilled to see a tenant hanging a US flag now and then – so would my son in the USMC.