How to form a government

In the span of just a few minutes, Britain switched prime ministers, and the new guy promised a coalition government. “Real change is when people pull together,” David Cameron said.

It was an impressive display.

Cameron hit all of the right notes, reminiscent of the end of the last presidential campaign in the U.S.

All things seem possible on the day governments change leaders.

The UK will be back to this in no time:

  • John P.

    On hearing the news, I had to hunt up information in what David Cameron’s positions are.

    My modest research seems to say that being a Conservative in England is a very long way from a Tea-bagger or even your average Republican in America. His positions remind me more of Bill Clinton. It makes me wonder if America is really so far to the right of the rest of the world. Maybe I’m just woefully uninformed

    Despite a lot of hours listening to MPR, I feel like I was not getting a lot beyond the horse race in the British elections.