Fun times for census workers

A man in Austin is in custody after allegedly threatening to shoot a Census worker. The Austin Daily Herald says the census worker showed up around 9 on Friday evening:

The man allegedly ordered the census worker to leave his property. When she complied and went to a neighbor’s house, the man followed her there and proceeded to tell her that he would shoot her if she did not leave his property, Amazi said.

The Census Bureau has been producing vignettes of census workers describing the joys of their jobs. So far, nobody has listed having a gun pointed at them:

  • BJ

    Wow I had a great time as a census worker in 2000.

  • JackU

    Earlier this year certain politicians made comments about the census, that called into question the process. Some went so far as to suggest that boycotting the census might be appropriate.

    Would it be acceptable for the accused in this case to site these politicians and their position as the reason he ran the census worker off his property?

  • MR

    Don’t census workers count as federal employees? The feds tend to take assaults on federal employees pretty seriously…

  • Bob Collins

    Did you go out by yourself, BJ. In this day and age, I don’t know if I’d go by myself, especially late in the evening.

  • Jim Hartmann

    Commenters on the site say the reporter got the times wrong. 9PM visit does sound unlikely.