Fresh Eye on the Radio: We love our bears

On a make-it-or-break-it day for the future of the earth’s environment, it was a bear in Ely that got our attention this week. The reunification of the cub with its mother, no doubt, prompted hundreds of phone calls to mom today. So do we love our bears more than we love our oceans? That imponderable and more on today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio with The Current’s Mary Lucia.

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  • I don’t love bears more than our ocean, but feel good stories are always nice. At least before going home and having Fox News explain to me just how the world is going to hell in a hand basket today.

  • Kate Shrewsbury

    I’m a sustaining member and usually can’t wait to read Bob Collins’ column on this site.

    So I was shocked to hear you this afternoon on The Current, almost reveling in your ignorance of bears. Are you really from Boston, the Athens of America? I couldn’t believe this was the same person that I so look forward to reading. You sounded willfully dumb, when you were all about “Isn’t the little bear SUPPOSED to leave its mother? So what’s the big deal?”. YES, but NOT YET. Duh, the bearlet is still nursing. That means it’s still a baby. It still needs its mother. Look it up.

    And your posing the question here online, “Do we love our bears more than we love the oceans?” is just dumb. We love BOTH. A reunion, though, is good news and given the horrific tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, SOME good news, somewhere, especially local good news, is better than none. It reassures us that we humans haven’t totally screwed up the natural world: look, the bears found one another.

    I am amazed that you show such self-contentedness in your limited knowledge of animal life and the natural world. Here’s some advice: the next time something baffles you, try this thing called Google to learn more. It really works.

    – Kate, also from the Boston area

  • Bob Collins

    It’s not self contentedness. it’s just that I don’t approach every day as barely worth living, and every thing as life and death, even though, I suppose, it is.

    I fully understand the value of a good story and nice bears. It’s almost like having a laugh every now and again about the oh-so-important news of the day, while we take a brief break from the communal wringing of the hands at the importance of it all.

    For the record, I don’t REALLY think the bear called Mom from a Texaco station after hitching a ride with some older bear, thinking she (or was it a he) found true love only to have his/her heart broken.

    You nailed it on the “willfully dumb” part though. Good job.

    Where near Boston? Not Shrewsbury, right? I’m gonna go with….. Marblehead. Definitely the North Shore.

  • Drew Salisbury

    Jeez Bob! Here Kate from Shrewsbury straight up calls you ignorant, willfully dumb, and suggests you don’t know how to use Google, all with a liberal dosing of CAPS, and you more or less extend an olive branch. Meanwhile I make one little crack about Cleveland’s baseball team on Twitter and you hit me where it hurts and say I sound like a Packers fan!? Where’s the justice?

    For the record, I think bears are great! They make me laugh when they sneeze in youtube videos and they make me ponder man’s relationship with nature when they eat people in Werner Herzog docs.

    Also for the record, the oil spill is probably, in the grand scheme of things, a lot more important than a bear being reunited with its mother. Maybe not when it comes to our need to stay sane in an increasingly head-shake-worthy world, but definitely when it comes to the Gulf Stream. Kate, we have, in fact, totally screwed up the natural world. Perhaps a story like the “bear story,” allows us to think optimistically, which is good and necessary, but it also probably lets us off the hook a little, too.

    I’m really being a Debbie Downer here. I should probably watch that bear video again…

  • Bob Collins

    Ha! Here’s how a Packers fan would respond to all of your articulate, highly-intelligent points:

    “How many Super Bowls have YOU won?”

    But back to our story. You know what the most compelling “animal” story is right now. It’s not the bears (bless their bear hearts). It’s the reaction of the gorillas at the Como Zoo to the death of one of their own.

  • Bonnie

    thanks for the Packers fan comment, you nailed that. AND – I’m dying to know which political figure is going to take credit for finding the baby bear and getting her back with her mother. ( I am one of the Lily and Hope fans who didn’t sleep from friday to wed, by the way…)