Commencement roundup

Every year at this time, News Cut begins posting commencement speeches. So far, this season, we have been generally underwhelmed by the speeches we’ve heard.

NBC’s Brian Williams spoke at Notre Dame’s commencement, warned students not to let the gulf oil spill “become a metaphor for our country.”

The pick of Williams avoids last year’s controversy over the commencement speaker at Notre Dame — Barack Obama. Some in the Notre Dame community objected to his policies on abortion.

The most entertaining speech we’ve heard so far this year wasn’t a commencement speech at all, but instructions on how to accept your diploma.

More commencement speeches as they happen.

Paralleling the commencement season are the stories about how difficult it will be for graduates to get a job.

But what about last year’s graduates? We worried about them at this time last year. This year? Not much. If you were in the class of 2009, let us know whatever happened to you.