What are the odds?

A laptop fell from a medical evacuation helicopter over the weekend, missing a boy in St. Cloud “by inches,” according to WCCO.

What are the odds?

Assuming a laptop qualifies as “parts falling off an airplane,” about 10 million to one.

A recent article in a Pittsburgh newspaper said that’s about the same chance you have of being elected president.

What’s more likely? According to the statisticians, you’re more likely to:

Die from contact with hot tap water (1 in 5,005,564 ).

Die from contact with a venomous animal or plant. (1 in 3,441,32)

Die from legal execution (1 in 3,441,325).

See a UFO today (1 in 3,000,000)

The Book of Odds says you also have about the same chance of dying in an elevator accident within a year,

  • Tyler

    What are the odds of eating a spider while sleeping?

  • John O.

    This incident gives new meaning to the phrase “The computer is down.”

  • Jack

    But the boy didn’t die, and he wasn’t even hit. A more relevant question: What are the odds of being missed?