The week-that-was quiz

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  • david z

    10 of 15, but should be 11.

    Tom Bakk cannot carry a bill in the MN House of Representatives. He’s a state senator. An actual representative will be needed to sponsor the bill in that house.

  • Actually the Vikings did draft a QB. It’s just that they intend to make him a WR. Trick Question?

  • BJ

    ok – I got 5 – I was to busy to notice much news this week.

  • Bob Collins


  • 11 out of 15, one of my better efforts

  • Ben Chorn

    Firefox says: Error loading XML document.

  • Bob Collins

    I left an element open when fixing the last question. If you still get the error message, clear the cache on your browser (CTL-F5)

  • minn Whaler


    but I do enjoy having Bruce Springsteen’s phone number.

  • Jennifer


    But I’m with Dean, the Vikings did draft Joe Webb and although they are likely to shift him to WR (a position I believe he played one season in college), he’s spent the last couple of seasons as UAB’s QB.

  • vjacobsen

    9, but I’m kind of happy with that this week.

  • V

    11 out of 15, but should have been 12 with the one QB.

  • Bonnie

    10 no hints. I considered choosing one instead of none on the QB question…but after reading him all this time I think I know how Bob thinks. Scary.

  • Krista

    13 for 15. Of course, I always get the sports questions wrong. I think Bob knows this is my week spot.

  • Nate

    A 7… Man, Bob, these are hard. But i didn’t pull the ol’ “oh-yeah-I’m-on-the-internet-so-I-can-cheat” trick.

  • jfh

    and another 11/15–but I had to use one hint. You must have made this one easier, Bob.

  • JackU

    10/15 – I fell for the QB question as well.

  • Al

    9 out 15 (no hints)