The price of holding a grudge

Three items from Planet Petty:

Last week, the DFL refused to allow Mark Dayton onto the floor of its convention, presumably because he’s not honoring the DFL endorsement process and is running in the primary in his bid for governor.

The Republicans are opening their state convention today amid a brouhaha over its apparent refusal to grant media credentials to upstart The Uptake, which is an accredited media organization at the Capitol, but leans left.

And in New York today, Wall Street pushed back the only way it knows how in its aversion to labor unions. CNBC, NBC’s business channel, wanted to interview Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, which was about to stage a protest on the street. The New York Stock Exchange refused to allow Trumka into the building to do an interview with CNBC, which broadcasts from the stock exchange.

To their credit, the two anchors of the program didn’t let pettiness prevent them from telling a story:

  • Mary

    Why is it that the same people who oppose unions are so often very opposed to illegal immigration? What’s the difference between the complaints “they take our jobs” and “they drive down wages by working for almost nothing” and the complaints union members have against “scabs”? Their notion of citizenship seems remarkably similar ot union membership to me.

    I guess self-interested businessmen are more consistent — they would tend to be opposed to unions and fine with hiring cheap illegal immigrant labor.