The Apple cult

The coverage of the release of the iPad fits the definition of “over the top” for most newsrooms in America. It also confirms a tenet of the media — the bias in the media isn’t what politics a reporter/editor favor, it’s found in what interests a reporter/editor in the first place. Show me breathless coverage of the release of the iPad, and I’ll show you a reporter/editor who (a) wants one (b) is an Apple disciple to begin with and (c) needs to put down the computer and go for a walk in the woods.

In other words, they’re members of a cult covering the cult.

Or, as listener Samantha Kennedy of St. Paul puts it:

Why on earth are you making such a big deal of this? Apple has not invented anything. They have not discovered anything? They have simply done what many companies do, which is update, remodel, etc., something or even come out with something “new” in line with existing technology. I feel like they are paying for this “news” coverage. Who cares???

For the record, Apple is not paying for the news coverage. Why would they have to when they get it for free?

Walt Mossberg and David Carr have a different view, although hearing the word “intimate” and “iPad” in the same sentence is a little disconcerting.

  • I’ve never owned an Apple product, and for a time thought those that owned them were maybe a little off.

    Over time however I’ve come to realize there is nothing odd or strange about them, rather they’re just a devoted group. Nothing separates them from say Corvette lovers or those folks into crafting. Except for perhaps media making the whole David versus Goliath thing into more than the business it is.

    It doesn’t seem right to continue to label them a cult.

  • bsimon

    The ipad coverage is overblown partly because of Apple’s long track record of introducing products that truly revolutionize existing markets and/or create new ones, going back to the Apple ][ computer. Will the ipad do it again? I suspect not, but maybe there’s an app lurking in some developer’s brain that will prove me wrong.

  • Al

    I’ve owned Apple products for years. I like them but I have to say I’m beginning to sour. They are using this cult atmosphere to gloss over a few important things, like affordability and customer service. On the customer service side, try calling a customer service rep. They are available during pretty limited hours -definitly not late nights. I thought this was the 24/7 tech generation. For the obscene prices they charge for their products you might think they could make someone available when many users help.

    I’ve also grown tired of the fact that Apple Stores are housed in a space that is about half the size that it should be for their number of customers. I’m sure it contributes to the hype becasue it looks like everyone wants to be there, but it is always hot, loud, and overcrowded.