National Day of Prayer fight just beginning

The Justice Department says it’s going to fight for a National Day of Prayer. Today, it filed a notice that it will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that declaring a National Day of Prayer constitutes a violation of the separation of church and state.

Notice of Appeal Natl Day of Prayer

I also now have the actual court ruling from the federal judge in Wisconsin. You can read it here.

  • Kassie

    They can have a National Day of Prayer without it being sponsored by the government. This is just dumb. Don’t waste taxpayers money on fighting this in court, it is not worth the money or the effort.

  • Bob Collins

    But there is an important constitutional question to be answered.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

    That’s pretty clear. The question — or at least MY question — is whether a proclamation is a law.

  • kristy

    if it’s determined that a proclamation is or is not a law, then the grey area of holding church services in public buildings/schools (even while renting them) or holding voting in churches (even if renting them), will that also be affected ?? (sp? effected?)

    Ya know, some large religious organization can proclaim “National Day of Prayer” and keep it out of gov’t hands and solve this issue.

    Doesn’t Bachamnn and the government have enough work to do ??? I have a lawn that needs mowing, if they don’t.

  • JackU

    But Bob, I don’t think the battle is over a proclamation. Wasn’t there a bill passed in the ’80s that declared the first Thursday in May to be “The National Day of Prayer” or at least directed the President to issue a proclamation of such? I thought that was what the fight was over.

  • boB from WA

    After reading the ruling, I think that the judge is spot on re the act of compelling people to prayer the declaration implies. Do people who practice spiritual disciplines really need the gov’t to tell them when to pray? I think not. As far as Ms Bachman is concerned, if she had read the ruling she would be cheering, as this ruling limits gov’t intervention into people’s lives.