What’s right with us: The ash cloud

Just when we were in need of a story reminding us of the inherent decency among us, the Star Tribune delivered this morning with the delightful story of a group of stranded schoolkids from Paris, taken in by the students, staff and parents of the French Academy of Minnesota in St. Louis Park. The kids can’t get back home because of the eruption of the volcano-that-cannot-be-named in Iceland. Their luggage –including clothes, of course– is stuck in Customs. They’ll be at the Minnesota Zoo today, courtesy of the staff there. They hope to get out of here on Sunday, which seems like wishful thinking, judging by the reports of the effects of the volcano’s ash cloud.

Nice. Very nice.

It’s reminiscent of 9/11, when the people of Gander, Newfoundland stepped up.

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