A golfer’s life


What do Masters golf tournament champions do the day after they win the most prestigious golf tournament in the world? They put the kids in the minivan, put the green jacket on, and head to Krispy Kreme, the Augusta Chronicle reports, chronicling the reaction of the drive-through clerk:

“When I opened the window I see the green jacket,” Burley said. “I said: ‘You won yesterday,’ and he started smiling and said, ‘Yeah.’ “

  • Mitch

    This is exactly why people love Phil. I can’t imagine Tiger — or most other PGA professionals — doing anything of the sort. This guy is a rock-star in my book. A world-class athlete and and even better father and husband.

  • JackU

    When you’ve got 3 of them (green jackets) you can afford to take the chance at getting sticky Krispy Kreme glaze on one.

  • Bob Collins

    Didn’t look that much like Mickelson to me. And I always thought the jackets stayed behind at the course. Of course, if it were just somebody putting a drive-thru clerk on, that means they’d actually have to go out and buy a lime green jacket.