Workplace meltdowns

Perhaps you’ve had days at work like Jim Playfair, the coach of the Abbotsford (British Columbia) Heat of the American Hockey League. He lost it over the weekend:

Today, the league fined Playfair for his tirade.

But the video has us recalling the fond moments of great sports meltdowns.

Jim Schonfield, then coach of the New Jersey Devils, provides one…

The target of Schonfield’s rath, ironically, is the father of the target of Playfair’s.

Former Vikings coach Dennis Green’s meltdown is legend:

  • John

    I used to send my 5 year olds to the corner for a time-out in hopes they would learn to control their temper by the time they became adults. Maybe these coaches parents never did that.

  • Xopher

    Jim Playfair’s display looked a lot to me like a baseball manager kicking dirt on an ump’s shoes. It’s a dramatic display for the crowd, and to motivate players.

  • Bob Collins

    Funny. I was going to post the video of Lou Piniella’s various meltdowns; decided not to.

  • boB from WA

    Only in Canada!