What’s wrong, Minnesota?

It’s hard to have a “half-full” attitude on a Sunday in which two stories dominate the news.

First, in Chisholm, a lone gunman in Jim’s Bar, shot several people, killing one. The story is still developing.

Yesterday, in the North Side of Minneapolis, they tried to bury a 17-year old girl who was shot last week. They couldn’t even do that without a fight breaking out between rival gang members, the Star Tribune reports.

It also reported on the words of Rev. Jerry McAfee, which probably fell on deaf ears:

“Some of you think y’all are the only ones, that this game is new, that it’s gonna be different for you,” the Rev. Jerry McAfee said from the pulpit, his voice rising with anger. “Well, I have had the displeasure of seeing too many young boys and girls dead. I have had the displeasure of seeing too many young boys and young girls in jail.”

McAfee then ordered the young women in the sanctuary to stand. He recounted how he had visited Neeley’s memorial site and seen a note that called her “My bitch.”

“The more you define yourselves as ‘that bitch, that ho,’ you develop that psyche,” McAfee said.

Then he ordered the young men to stand, telling them that when they harm one another, they deny their own identities. He left them with an admonishment: “I pray that you brothers don’t disrespect this day. We’re bigger than this, y’all. We’re bigger than this.

“I don’t care what street you’re from. If you hurt your people, you deny who you are.”

It could be a very long summer.