Scared cats seek kind souls

Cops pulled dozens of cats from what officers said were awful conditions this week in Duluth Township and Two Harbors.

Now animal rescue agencies are seeking new owners for the cats.

“Thankfully, these beautiful cats escaped a bad situation in remarkably good shape,” said Jim Filby Williams, executive director for Animal Allies in Duluth. “These kitties deserve to find a good home as quickly as possible; they have suffered enough.”


Hiawatha is up for adoption. (Photo courtesy Animal Allies)

Animal Allies has 35 of the cats. Another 41 were sent to the Animal Humane Society‘s facility in Golden Valley.

Some of the cats are scared of people after living in overcrowded conditions. The fearful cats will need patient owners willing to provide extra TLC, said Animal Allies veterinarian Mary Wictor.

Authorities seized more than 75 cats from two properties, WDIO-TV in Duluth reported.

A report of animal neglect led police to a Duluth Township trailer, where they discovered 25 cats inside. A few days later, officials found 20 more cats and 39 dead ones in a pole barn on the same property.

Then authorities rescued another 32 cats from a home in Two Harbors. Both properties are owned by the same person, police told WDIO.

Shawn Padden, the Duluth Township police chief, told the station conditions in the pole barn were atrocious.

“We found 20 cats living in basic squalor and darkness, surrounded by feces, just disgusting,” Padden said. “I don’t know how they’ve survived this long to be honest with you.”

Animal Allies is waiving a $90 adoption fee through March 26 for anyone who adopts one of the recovered cats. The cats have been spayed and neutered, vaccinated, tested for parasites and fitted with microchips.

The Animal Humane Society reported that vets at the Golden Valley shelter are evaluating and treating the cats sent from Duluth.

Visit the shelters’ web sites for more adoption information.

Animal Allies

Animal Humane Society


Cedric is ready for a new owner. (Photo courtesy Animal Allies)


Cats waiting for adoption. (Photo courtesy Animal Allies)

  • momkat

    Sometimes the wrong species gets sterilized.

  • alicia l gaskin

    Yet another heatbreaking situation of good intentions gone awray. What beautiful felines; I hope the one’s that went to Golden Valley are ok. Sad, sad, sad but happy reforeverhoming for the survivors.