‘Miss me’ wars

Texas — Ennis, Texas to be exact — fires a new salvo in the “Miss Me Yet” billboard war.


I’ve taken the liberty of anticipating the next “shot.” This is for you, Texas:


  • Ben Chorn

    Although I wasn’t alive at the time, I miss Eagle Scout Presidents…

  • On the other hand, I got a Millard Filmore dollar coin at the Post Office yesterday. I don’t recall anyone ever saying, “Boy, I miss Millard Fillmore.” Ever. Like, even during the Buchanan Administration. It’d be like missing the Rich Yett Era.

    Being in Texas, what I miss most is fact-based textbooks. But that’s just me.

  • Peter

    Yesterday driving on eastbound 94 near Monticello I saw a billboard with a picture of Ronald Reagon (with cowboy hat) that said something like ‘remember real hop and change.’

  • JackU

    Bob, you went too far back. I think you want Andrew Jackson first.

    Millard Fillmore! In my college bowl days that was the stock answer for any American President question you didn’t know. (One time somebody threw it out as a joke at it was the correct answer.)

    Here’s an ABC news story on the Reagan billboard.

  • Bob Collins

    I went back to Jefferson because the Texas board has determined that its students don’t need to be learning about him anymore.

  • LK

    I’ve seen a little about the Texas board influencing what is and isn’t in textbooks for U.S. schools in general. I wonder how much of a national impact their decisions will have in the next few years, if indeed most schools drop printed textbooks in favor of multimedia tools like tablet computers. How awesome would it be for a history teacher to be able to add new content on the fly to students’ digital textbooks!

  • Tim

    How cool would it be to allow teachers to add content on the fly? NOT COOL at ALL!

    I don’t trust our under-educated, liberal teachers to add anything- they do enough damage as it is.

    And P.S.- I live in Texas, the state with the best schools in the country (check the stats!); that created more jobs in 2008 than all other U.S. States combined…

    The rest of the country might want to take heed to how prosperous we are and how we got there…but of course you’re state is doing great, right?

  • Bob Collins

    //but of course you’re state is doing great, right?

    We do OK; not great. But OK. The ACT scores for Minnesota are higher than Texas in composite, English, math, and science.

    Our unemployment rate, 7.3% is slightly lower than Texas’ 8.6%

    Would be nice to have not budget deficit as Texas does. On the other hand, there’s a reasonable chance kids here will grow up knowing who the 3rd president of the United States was, so that might be a push.

    And we don’t have South by Southwest.