Lieutenant governor trivia

Gubernatorial candidate John Marty today selected Patricia Torres Ray as his running mate. The lieutenant governor’s job in the state is the political equivalent of being in witness protection. Voters usually hear about them on the day they’re picked by a candidate, on the day they’re elected and on the day they’re…. well…. let’s just say if a governor doesn’t go toes up in office — or a lt. gov. candidates doesn’t talk about ethanol — that’s the last you hear about them.

Here are recent Minnesota lieutenant governors. Put them in the order of their service. No peaking:

Joanell Dyrstad, Alec G. Olson, Mae Schunk, James B. Goetz, Carol Molnau, Karl Rolvaag, Rudy Perpich, Joanne Benson, Alexander Keith, Lou Wangberg, Marlene Johnson.

Extra credit: Match three lt. governor candidates with their 2006 gubernatorial hopefuls.

  • mnreader

    Don’t you think Carol Molnau has had a slightly more than conspicuous term? At the very least because of her parallel duties at MNDOT during the bridge collapse and subsequent legislative removal? She proved to be a good exception to the rule…

  • Bob Collins

    ONLY because she was the commissioner of transportation was Mrs. Molnau conspicuous. Once she was fired from that job, she became instantly invisible again.

  • Matt Pollari

    Ruth Johnson was the running mate with Steve Kelley, Maureen Reed was running mate for Peter Hutchinson and of course Judi Dutcher with Mike Hatch.

  • Al

    I don’t know about Molnau becoming invisible. We saw her greeting people at the ‘Little Farm Hands’ at the State Fair once. : )

  • bsimon

    “Gubernatorial candidate John Marty today selected Patricia Torres Ray as his running mate.”

    Why? Are caucusgoers / primary voters going to let a running mate decision sway their preferences at this early date? Or is this a cynical move on Marty’s part to shore up a weakness in his campaign?

  • MR

    The cynic in me says that it’s a way for Marty to actually get some news coverage in a (relatively) slow political news cycle.