Fresh Eye on the Radio: After ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

If Congress repeals the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule that prevents openly gay people from serving in the military, where will they bunk? The commander of the Marines says they’ll get their own room.

“In this case, I would want to reserve the right of a Marine that thinks he or she wouldn’t want to [share a room with a homosexual]. And again that’s the overwhelming … number of people that say that they wouldn’t like to do so.” Gen. James Conway told

It was one of the day’s stories on today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio with The Current’s Mary Lucia:

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Meanwhile, a poll on the Web site shows 73% of those responding agree with Conway. You can listen to the interview with Conway here.

  • Justin Smith

    A majority of the (straight) men in the military might say they wouldn’t want to room with a gay man. But is that a good enough reason?

    If you believe that one’s sexuality is built-in to their genes, then it would be the same as saying ‘I prefer not to live with a black man.’ If you think people choose their sexuality, then it would be the same as saying ‘I prefer not to live with a Jewish man.’ We would say either of those cases is not good enough and not right to separate them. Why would homosexuality be different?

    If a gay man does anything (sexual) to make his fellow soldiers feel uneasy, he could be disciplined just like if a male soldier made a female soldier feel uneasy in a similar manner.