Five by 8: Pretending to work

1) If your boss is a basketball fan who tunes a TV at work into today’s Gophers game, lucky you.

Cubicle jockeys who aren’t so fortunate can stream the Gophers vs. Xavier game live online, via CBS Sports. Game time is 11:25 a.m.


CBS includes a handy “boss button” on the video player that calls up a bogus flow chart to make it look like you’re actually working.

2) Another version of March madness is streaming live, too. WDAY-TV in Fargo-Moorhead has set up several webcams that give a live look at the flooded Red River.

Here’s a 360-degree look from South University and 40th Avenue in Fargo.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

3) The story of a motorcyclist who hit a mattress on Interstate 94 during the evening rush hour yesterday is a sad one.

Steven J. Konrad, the program director for KSTP-AM 1500, hit the mattress on eastbound I-94 at Western Avenue in St. Paul.

He suffered serious injuries. Police are trying to track down the owners of the mattress.

We’ve all seen vehicles rolling along with a load precariously tied to the roof or barely secured in a pickup bed. There are plenty of commercials and movie scenes that make light of loosely tied loads.

This story should remind everyone that moving stuff can be serious business. If you don’t know how to tie a mattress on top of a car, ask the Internet.

4) Web strategist Ed Kohler, who writes the Minneapolis blog The Deets, has had a simmering battle going with various elements of the Minnesota GOP.


When the state GOP posted a list of talking points about Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, a DFLer running for governor, Kohler unleashed a torrent.

Every hour for a full day, Kohler posted responses to each of the GOP’s points. That’s quite the blast, even for a guy who’s known to rant on occasion.

5) An updated look at Target Field, courtesy of Rick Prescott at One tidbit that caught my eye: Crews used wood from the old Minneapolis Lakers basketball court as the floor in the Target Field Town Ball tavern.


And if the Gophers game wasn’t enough of a distraction today, take a few cuts with this computer baseball game at the Minnesota Twins official site.


  • Bob Moffitt

    If the MN GOP REALLY wants to drive Ed Kohler crazy, they should come out with an official position in favor of phone books.