Fireworks bill fizzles

Freedom from government interference ran into the sanctity of a religious holiday in South Dakota today. The sanctity of a religious holiday won.

The South Dakota House failed to override Gov. Mike Rounds’ veto of a bill that would have allowed the sale of fireworks in the state during the last week and a half of December.

“While I would have no objection to the idea of allowing the discharge of fireworks on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I believe allowing the discharge of fireworks during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is inappropriate,” Rounds said in his veto message.

Presently, fireworks can be sold in South Dakota only between June 27 and July 5.

  • Al

    Freedom of religion at work. They are free to have their religous rules and you are also free to have their religious rules.

    Anyone want to go buy a car and a bottle of wine with me this Sunday? We could drive to a friend’s gay wedding and celebrate afterward. Wait, we can’t do any of those things.