Covering Shakopee

Submitted to you without comment. In Shakopee, middle-school officials are considering a dress code. Students will — if the code is adopted — wear standard red or black T-shirts.

The Jordan Independent says not everybody is on board:

What precipitated the idea, most recently, were two incidents in which staff members asked girls to zip up their sweatshirts to cover up more of their chests, Neubeck said. The girls responded, “Why are you looking there anyway?” and one told a female social worker, “but the boys like it.”

An answer that suggests a far deeper problem.

  • Heather

    Oy. I taught high school for four years, and the girls’ clothes were distracting to ME. I don’t know how the straight boys learned anything. I’m not a big fan of dress codes, but it’s SCHOOL. There’s no reason to pull a Kardashian.

  • Tyler

    Bob, what are you trying to get at? The fact that these girls have learned smart-mouthed one-lines from their mothers?

  • John

    Ah, Dress codes. Brings back memories of my local boys high school in the late sixties. Hair was not to touch the eyebrows in front, ears on the sides, or collar (Yes, there had to be a collar) in the back. Pants were not jeans, and shoes were polished. We held a protest as I recall, and “The Man” relented. I’m pretty sure no harm was done by the dress code or by the ending of it.

  • Shivering Timbers

    Kids these days! Can you believe it? When I was their age, we never…oh wait, nevermind.

  • Cara

    Middle school….so these girls are, what, 13? I’m not a fan of dress codes but neither am I a fan of 13 & 14 year olds dressing like (as the poster before me stated) the Kardashians.

  • Joanna

    Back in the olden days….when I was in Jr High, the girls and boys could not fraternize on the playground; we had to stay on either side of a line down the middle. Oh, and girls were not allowed to wear pants. This was a public school in the early 70s. By 9th grade, they allowed pants. But we were all wearing miniskirts.

  • kennedy

    Isn’t there already a dress code if these girls were called out? Making a new rule seems to be allowing the students flippant attitude to rule the day. Send them home if they are not dressed appropriately.