The Quiz

  • Andrew
  • Joanna

    Slalom? Super G? I’m an Estonian.

  • Bob Collins

    I just knew somebody would point out that Washington DC is not a state. You’re all just so Public Radioey.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Washington DC is more of state of mind. At the moment, a deranged state.

  • Kat

    The first question is also geographically confusing, especially given the answer.

  • Bob Collins

    My late father-in-law described Washington as “12 square miles surrounded by reality.”

  • Karen McCauley

    And it’s Finland, for the win!

    I managed six questions, purely by chance. I was at the BB King show; I saw a report on the whale thing just this morning; I don’t want to be a wiener winner; and the rest were luck.

    I thought the only state Gov. Pawlenty did not visit this month was Minnesota. /snark

  • Joshua

    Norway! In with 10!

  • Christin

    I also got a 10 – Norway! The T Paw question stumped me; hard to keep track of that one these days.

  • In like Finn. 7 out of 15 with no hints–hints are cheating when it’s multiple choice! Yes I had a couple lucky guesses. Usually I’d get around 10 but I’ve been watching too much curling lately and not paying enough attention to the world.

  • vjacobsen

    10 with no hints.

  • Al

    A perfect 10! Oh wait, 10 wasn’t perfect.

  • Krista

    For the quiz, I am proud to call myself a (German-Irish, Spanish-Speaking American) Norwegian! But I was just “happy to compete,” even if I didn’t win the gold.

  • LK

    ¡Once de los quince!