The mystery billboard


It was late at night and I wasn’t sure I’d seen the billboard correctly as I whizzed past it on I-35 in Wyoming last week on the way back from Wrenshall. But an e-mailer confirms I saw what I thought I saw.

It’s beginning to sweep along the Internet, accompanied by various claims that it’s a Photoshop fake. But it’s not. It’s real.

There’s no billboard ownership plate on this particular billboard, making tracing the person who had the cash to post it difficult to find. It’s time to crowdsource this puppy.

Update 11:44 a.m. – An e-mail to Wyoming Mayor Sheldon Anderson yields no further clue:

Wish I could take credit for it. Calls every day asking if it was me. If you find out let me know.

Update 11:46 a.m. – Luke Hellier at Minnesota Democrats Exposed thought he had a lead on the owner, but alas….

The person who I thought did not put up the billboard. He has been contacted about keeping it up if the current owner takes it down due to money.

We may have to offer a News Cut coffee mug to smoke the owner out. Sadly, we don’t have News Cut coffee mugs.

Update 7:43 a.m. Tue 2/9 – FoxNews asked me to be on today to talk about the billboard. I declined, noting I don’t know anything other than that there’s this billboard. But it’s interesting how the story has spiraled from the blog, to the NPR blog, to a couple of national blogs, to Drudge etc. True, I’m intrigued by the mystery of it all, but it’s also a reminder of how the truly trivial can grab our attention. I write about deeper, more meaningful news, too. Maybe that’s the bigger story here: Can blogs exist without the trivia?

By the way, for those of you visiting News Cut for the first time via the national blogs, stay for awhile. Look around.

7:52 a.m. – Colleague reports MSNBC just called looking for me. Dear MSNBC: “No.” Now go find out who paid for this billboard, willya?

  • JohnnyZoom

    1) Now that’s funny.

    2) How do you know it’s real?

    3) If you had told me two years ago this would happen, I would have laughed. I’m still laughing (see #1) but not for this reason at all.

  • I twittered about this some time ago.

  • Bob Collins

    JohnnyZoom, it’s real because I saw it with my own fake eyes.

  • Joe.

    Its definitely real. I’ve seen it a few times while coming back from Duluth. I’m equally confused as to which direction it is leaning.

  • MNguy

    Yeah as a satire on how to govern I miss the doofus. Of course as president he caused more trouble than anyone else that I can remember going back to JFK which was not at all funny. We’ll be a long time recovering from his war spending, deranged foreign policy, illegal wiretapping and surveillance, lax oversight of banks, and mendacious stupidity.

    Come to think of it I really don’t miss him all that much…

  • Diane

    We saw this on our way back from Hayward last night and debated its intent. I’m still not sure quite how to read it, given the country’s mood (and some of the other political signs along 35).

  • Bob Collins

    Wyoming is a pretty “red” area. Went heavy for Coleman in ’08. McCain also carried Chisago County.

    Went 2-to-1 for Coleman vs. Mondale in ’04 and even Jim Oberstar barely squeaks thru there.

    So I take the billboard at face value; that it’s an anti-Obama message.

    I always enjoy reading the signs along I-35 north of town. My favorite, though, is still the one for the combination self storage/shooting range.

  • JackU

    First off I think you meant ’02 for Colman vs. Mondale not ’04.

    Doesn’t the state require a permit for billboards? Can’t New Cut make a request of the state as to who owns that billboard?

    While that may not tell us who posted the billboard (although it might if they require re-permitting for each message) it will at least tell you who owns the billboard so that more inquiries can be made.

    I looked at the DOT site and they have a searchable database but all my requests came up blank.

    Come on Bob, we all want to know. 🙂

  • AtheistConservative

    Ah, yes, “his” wartime spending which is actually determined by Congress (much like the Iraq war was); “deranged” foreign policy which kept the Norks and Iran quiet, now they’re openly provoking us and pursuing nukes in the era of hope and change; the ‘illegal” wiretapping and surveillance that Obama kept (and you should read your constitution, namely Article 2 Section 9, the bit about suspending habeas corpus for national security); and the ‘lax’ oversight of banks engineered by Democrat social engineers who wanted to ‘roll the dice in favor of Fannie Mae’ (Barney Frank) and decided it was a great idea to have the Federal Government guarantee risky investments.

    I’m not amazed that a moron like Obama won the White House with uninformed people like you voting.

    Yes, Mr. Bush, we miss you. It was better when we had a good president and crazy liberals instead of a horrible president and crazy liberals.

  • David W.

    This is hilarious considering how Bush has been conveniently forgotten by those who supported him.

  • Dave

    I was a luke warm supporter of President Bush. Didn’t care for his big gov’t compassionate conservativism and was actually fine with him leaving the White House. But after the events of the past 13 months, yeah. I miss him. And I think all those Democrat elected leaders who ran on “it’s Bush’s fault” are starting to miss him. It’s a lot harder to get elected when you have to run on your own recored (and Obama’s) instead of just bashing President Bush.

  • Bob Collins

    Ah, so we’re now talking about Bush vs. Obama? This should be productive. (g)

  • David W.

    Well Bob, it isn’t as if you didn’t prime the pump on the subject…

  • Bob Collins

    We need to crowdsource the billboard! We have a better chance of that than settling the Obama vs. Bush argument. (g)

    Focus, people! Call in all your sources, here.

  • AtheistConservative

    I don’t know where people got the idea that this was about Bush versus Obama. It can’t be. Because Obama is an empty suit. There’s no “there” there, so there’s no basis for comparison against anything.

  • Laura

    Only thing to miss him was a shoe.

  • kennedy

    Was it on I35?

    What was the mile marker?

    MNDOT has a website for finding billboard ownership.

    Metro East is probably the district to search.

  • Joe.

    Well using the above listed tool, the only one I see that sticks out is from Stillwater Investments Inc. at Mile Point 19.58 on the Left of the road. I’m not sure if that matches up but its one of the only along that stretch which are not registered to Clear Channel.


    701-388-**** (look it up yourself).

    Is the contact.

  • kennedy

    Listed owners of billboards on I35 near wyoming are:

    Lamar Advertising

    Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising, Inc.

    From the photo, the billboard appears to be a V-type. There are (8) listed for Lamar, (2) for Schubert & Hoey.

  • Ben Chorn

    On the Obama argument… how is it that the people that don’t support him claim he does everything wrong, then turn around and say he does nothing at all?

    As for the billboard, I’m out in Montana so unless the billboard happens to be near the state of Wyoming, I can’t help

  • kennedy

    Contact info (listed on MNDOT permit):

    Schubert & Hoey

    (612) 722-1090

    Mary T. McNamara

    Lamar Advertising

    (218) 628-2301

    Steve Paszko

  • Chris

    KEWL!…Can we bring one to my town? I’m sure many of our used to be friends overseas would love one too.

  • Brad K

    Why are folks so interested in who put up the billboard? Sort of reaks of the Human Flesh Search Engine.

  • Bob Collins

    Because it’s a mystery, and people like a good mystery.

  • JohnnyZoom

    >> JohnnyZoom, it’s real because I saw it with my own fake eyes.

    My bad. I interpreted the PhotoShop comment to mean that there may never have been an actual photo of W just like that, and someone jigged one up (in PS) to put on the (very real) billboard.

    Sorry for the confusion. In the end, it doesn’t much matter where the photo came from, it would be no less fake than a political cartoon (which it passes quite admirably for)

  • Bob Collins

    I would’ve gone with a still from this. He was nothing if not a good sport.

    Kennedy, thanks for your “sleuthiness”. Messages out. Fingers crossed.

  • LisaBee

    I did it

  • Pondering

    My theory, I think it was paid for by a republican/conservative but not for what you think.

    Dems are still using the attack on Bush to campaign. Coakley used it against Brown in their debate. She invoked the “well if you want more Bush/Cheney policies then blah blah”

    When you look at all Obama’s failure, Bush wasn’t so bad! Life really was not that bad under Bush until the democrat in congress took over. Since then, everything went to hell in a hand basket! I never had to worry about losing my job under Bush. My salary went up 40% under Bush and my personal wealth increase at a higher percentage.

    Bush may have missed the ball on some things but others he was spot on. Our current president is failing across the board, he’s failed on the stimulus, failed on the Olympics while making a fool of himself, failed on health care, failed on Cap & trade, failed on Copenhagen, failed on keeping unemployment below 8%, failed on transparency, failed on keeping lobbyist out of the WH, in fact, I can’t seem to think of one thing Obama has succeeded on. Maybe Bush wasn’t so bad after all!

    My point, if the dems try to invoke the Bush/Cheney attack in the next election, it might just backfire because people like me are thinking, I was certainly much better off under Bush then I am now!

  • Loved you, W! Always will.

  • dave33

    The reason for people posting phone numbers/emails/etc is to encourage Obama cult members to stifle free speech and pressure the company to take it down. I used to be a liberal that believed in freedom and liberty and free speech… this new breed of ‘liberals’ take away our free speech (unless it parrots their beliefs)

  • Michael

    Basil,good thinking. Why would anyone trust a lefty organization especially with such an incredible liar in the White House. You know the Marxist thug that pimps for unions.

  • scott

    NM Guy, you nailed it perfectly…except all the things you blamed on Bush were actually either caused directly by, or agreed to in full by Democrats in Congress. The bank oversight was strictly the fault of Frank and Dodd. Bush actually tried to warn them in the well publicized YouTube video. Look it up, I’m not throwing out false claims. As for spending, NOBODY has ever spent as much in 8 years as Obama has in ONE. He’s the undisputed KING. Wiretaps? Where are the long lines of lawyers suing the government on behalf of all these abused clients? Where? They don’t exist. The only wire taps were on foreign lines known to be used by terrorists. So, be honest and judge the democrats by the same standard as you have Bush. He was not the guy you portray in your humorous but inaccurate description.

  • Ellie Light

    I paid for the billboard. I want people to remember how terrible life was under the reign of George W. Bush.

    Ellie Light

  • Oh Ellie you have shaped our great nation, the Socialist Obamerica.

    I find it amazing how you have the funds to claim domicile and/or residency in so many states to write op-ed’s in papers. But alas, you can now claim a billboard honoring your messiah.

    Thank you for ending my skepticism that people might miss the mild democracy of yesteryear.

  • ben

    Viva La Bush! We do miss you. Too many whacky liberals watching the hen house.

  • Ted

    Yes, George, all thinking adults do.

  • Liberals have too much time and money invested in Obnumnuts to throw him under the bus. He, on the other hand, has no problem with making speed bumps of those he has no further use for. As far as the other cagada , Bush promised to sign every bill that came through congress and he did just that. Liberals always find it odd when a politician does what he says he/she will do.

  • Buckeye Babe

    I’d like to see one of those billboards on every highway in america.

    And by the way, kudos to the posters here. I haven’t seen a forum with civil discussion like this in years. No flaming and no insults are now rare on the internet.

    Carry on!

  • Ralph

    Anybody see a trend with this “buyers remorse” thing going on in the Liberal/Progressive bastions of America …i.e. VA, NJ, MA and now good ol “Frankenburg”, USA??

  • Moira

    KMSP Fox 9 just showed the billboard and said “who put this up is being questioned all over the internet” (not exact quote).

  • Given that Obama spends money like Charlie Sheen in a whorehouse, Bush spent it like a drunken sailor in port, so while I’d like to say yes…..

  • Paynter

    I miss him. The United States is a representative Republic and we, with our vote send a person to Washington. Once there, their policies they put forth are what drive us as a people. Should we spend money? Should we save money? Should we melt down our gold and hide it away? GWB gave the majority confidence in the country and therefore the majority went to work, made money, created jobs based on needs to spend the money they had made.

    BHO has proposed a quadrupling of the deficit in his first year in an effort to spend our way out of recession. Americans are unsure about their future because the most powerful man in the world doesn’t seem to understand the first thing about the economy. It is one of the 10 cannots. “You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.”Healthcare for everyone starts with food on the table. Food on the table comes from hard work in America. It’s not suppose to come from a Government program because there is NO hard work to be found. I miss him, definitely…

  • Joel

    I’d love to see more of these billboards, to remind Americans why they voted the Bush/Cheney cult out of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

    No net private sector job growth. No increase in median income. Turned a budget surplus into a huge budget deficit. Endorsed torture. Endorsed spying on US citizens. Two huge US military occupations. Deregulation of the banking industry that caused the worst economic collapse since the 1930s. Attempted privatization of Social Security.

    Yes, America. Do you miss that kind of failure? I don’t.

  • Tom

    Hey Athiest Conservative, there is no Article 2 Section 9. You are referring to Article 1, Section 9.

  • Bob Collins

    ***** NOTE **********

    I know a lot of you are visiting News Cut for the first time. Welcome. Some of you who are unfamiliar with News Cut may be wondering where you comment went.

    I removed it.

    Why? News Cut isn’t like a lot of other blogs. We respect each other here, we don’t make our point by calling other posters name or being, well, stupid.

    Passion is good. But it can’t replace an articulately stated and well-thought-out position.

    I don’t particularly care whether you are a Bush fan or an Obama fan. I do care whether your visit to News Cut is enhanced by the quality of the discussion.

    This isn’t talk radio. This is a place you can discuss things with your friends, where you can still have them despite the fact you may disagree with them.



  • Wug

    I love seeing stuff like this. I am actually agnostic about our Presidents when it all comes down to it. But I love that someone took the time and money to make a bold and humorous statement. That is to be applauded!

  • Unknown

    I know a friend of the person that put this up, his name shall also remain anonymous.


  • Bob Collins

    Aha! so it’s a “him”. One step closer. (g0

  • bgates

    Wow! Never thought I’d see the day Bush would be missed… especially in the Peoples Republic of Minnesota. Viva La Bush!

  • Erik

    Yes, Mr. President. I miss you. Please come back. *sniff*

  • Mary Beth

    That billboard had been my screen saver for months. Have to hand it to W for his class act after the Fort Hood shooting. He and Mrs. Bush went right to the base hospital and stayed visiting the wounded until they were asked to leave by the White House.

  • Vaniecia

    Great billboard!! I am right there with millions of others….great blog, by the way. My mother called this morning telling me she had seen the billboard on the news. I googled asap. (no television where I’m at.)

    Everytime I think about this last ten years I think about 911 and the devastating results, and how people forgot that after a few months. Then the war happened and after a few months, people forgot WHY we were there. The next thing I think of is when the democrats took over the majority the last two years of Bush’s second term. Did anyone besides me watch c-span and see all those ” government – tax payer funded- programs”they pushed through like wildfire. And because of the gas crisis they designated as much American land as “protected from drilling ” as they could. We now have thousands more acres added to an already stressed National Parks system, that by the way at that time was suffering from a backlog of funds that our wonderful senators and representatives in Washington ” set aside” so they could use the funding for their lobbying interest. Dems and repubs are both responsible because we the people thought they could run this country without having to watch them close enough!!!! Voters Beware be aware, and be very informed, before you cast your vote later this year.

  • Dee Hicks

    Congratulations Bob on a terrific blog. How refreshing to actually see people discussing rather than cussing. It has been a long time since I have read such a well thought out group of arguements. Congratulations go to your members as well since they are the ones who really made my day, Dee

  • Liz

    I saw it too, coming back from a birding trip at Sax Zim Bog last month. It’s right by exit 137. I thought it was really funny and stopped to take a photo (see link from my name.)

  • scott


  • Hey, Mr. President,

    I miss you! iTe estra~no! Godspeed! iVaya con Dios!

  • Yesungges_Kid

    Hah! this is awesome! we need one on every highway in every state!!!

  • Bryan

    There is no mystery here. This was put up by KTALK–the local Clear Channel Conservative station. Their other radio stations have put up similiar billboards in the past. Clear Channel owns a dozen billboards in that area.

  • donna

    Well done Wyoming patriot

  • Greg K

    Bob, great blog. I’m confused though.

    You said:

    “News Cut isn’t like a lot of other blogs. We respect each other here, we don’t make our point by calling other posters name or being, well, stupid.”

    My question to you is:

    How on earth do you expect to get the Liberal point of view with that rule in place?

    Well done, great blog. and yes, i do miss having a “Leader” in the White House. This “Community Organizer” experiment has gone on long enough.

    be well.

    New fan!

  • Steve Gregg

    Yes, I do miss ya, Dubya.

  • engineer

    This same image (Bush waving and the ‘miss me yet’ verbiage) has been passing around the Internet since January ’09 in conservative circles. It got really popular after the “bailout of Wall Street” (TARP), etc., when the Obamunist approval rating started dropping.

    A fellow on has had this as his avatar for almost a year now. I forget his screen name, but I distinctly remember seeing it and laughing.

    Somebody just ponied up the money and put it on a billboard. I would have done the same, had I thought it would do any good.

    I do miss Bush. I loved him first term, got a little jaded second term, but miss him profusely now. Our “decider” now seems to be more of a “divider.” Now that his team has lost the 60 votes, they will have to work and actually come to a majority decision after all the debate on legislation. That debate forces them to read the legislation and think about it, and they don’t think a lot alike – on either side of the fence. They should be able to pass legislation at least a simple majority of them believe in, but they can’t even agree that much. So, instead of buffaloing the senate and cranking out garbage pork-laden bills, I fully expect absolutely nothing to get done but weeks and weeks of pointless debate with no tangible products other than bailouts and deficits. Welcome to the Carter administration, version 2.0. I guess that’s an improvement over the first 14 months.

  • crstanton


    I do miss Dubya. I had the chance to meet him and talk to him and he is an honest man. The problem is he just let things run amuck with spending but seeing as how his defeciet was 2.7% per year over his 8 years and seeing how Obama’s defeciet spending from his own projections is going to be 5.8% per year, I really do miss the big guy.

    That is not counting by the way healthcare as well. Geez Obama is like a drunken sailor with an unlimited credit card and using it to the max. One note here…. projections are like a little white lie and they are always higher. Bush has had his time in office and it went to 2.7%, Obama is saying it will be 5.8%. Look for more likely a range of 6.8 to 7.8% per year. We can’t take this mad man’s spending anymore!

  • engineer

    In all fairness, Bush only had the power to unilaterally decide where to send troops for police action (not even all-out war – Congress had to agree to that). So, pulling out troops would be the only thing Obama could really “fix” that Bush started. How is he doing on that front? Oh, yeah, sending record troops numbers to Afghanistan… So, what were you saying again?

    Sounds like you have a problem with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi more than you do with Bush.

  • Carol Young

    Instead of a picture of George W., it should be Elmer Fudd. And if Annie Oakley runs is 2012, her billboard should show her hunting from a helicopter.

  • Italo

    Change the laws and reelect G W BUSH.

  • Bryan

    Maybe it started somewhere in Central Florida. I have been seeing those bumper stickers on vehicles for at least 2 months…..Personally I am tired of politics, we need Patriot Americans to step up….. Any out there??

  • Sylvia Tiltges

    But Minnesotans are the ones who elected the likes of Al Franken and that funny ex-wrestler for governor some years ago. Have they somehow begun seeing the light? Wow!

  • Rudy Torbich

    I’ve had one of these for several months. There is, at least, 3 more years of Obama. You will see this a lot more in the future.

  • Are you kidding me with this, only someone in Wyoming could miss this poor excuse of a public servent. He lives around the corner from my family and is very rarely seen these days. Thank goodness. He was a horrible governor and even worse president. Yet people forget that we came to be where we are under his direction. Hummmm amazing how blame gets shifted after only one year of a new president in place that inherited a hot mess. And to top this off I am white, wealthy and over 50. Not the typical Obama supporter by far. But I know when some is a liar and a cheat. And the neighborhood hates that he purchased where he did. Sad pathetic man.

  • Brand

    You betcha!

  • M.D

    Who cares who put it there? I think it’s a great bill board and yes, I miss him. I don’t agree with everything he did, but I think he did his best to keep our country safe. God bless him.

  • JON

    Actually I miss him a lot. I loved him, he was great, I got back money on my taxes every year he was president tax and spend Obama comes in and suddenly I have to pay. I felt secure, I felt safer, and I would have voted for him again if I was allowed to. Not many may share my sentiments, but then again I didn’t enjoy Heath Ledger’s performance as the joker either.

  • Dennis

    I don’t miss him even one bit. you’re blaming Obama

    for the deficit, but you seem to forget, Bush is the one

    that signed bills to spend 1 TRILLION dollars of our

    money in Iraq, and had no way to replace it. who did you think was going to pay for it.

    the only thing we got out of Iraq, was a lot of soldiers in body bags and a deficit that we have no way to recover from

  • john

    It is amazing how many people still think that G.W. was a good president . They all forgot it was his watch that 911 happened on. After all we all knew if Dick Chaney died George would have to become President. The average American…..dumb as a box of rocks.

  • Keyser Söze

    3 more years to go. I never thought I’d see a president that was worse than Carter! Hopefully the Republicans can put a stop to this mess after they take over this November. There are going to be a lot of Democrats in the unemployment lines! And yes, Palin in 2012.

  • engineer

    Keith, while it isn’t related to the billboard in question, your comment about the “Laden family” on military aircraft needs to be addressed. Do you think Osama’s entire family should pay for his crimes? I guess we should have let them be attacked by people seeking retribution against Osama?

    Like it or not, we have become the world police. When we deal with rich Saudis to secure our nation’s oil supply and establish a cordial relationship with them in a region that generally hates “the West” (us), we tend to protect those allies from bodily harm.

  • From TX w/ love

    Hey Joel,

    I live in Dallas myself, and you sir, are full of bull. Most bonafide Texans love having President Bush live here. He wasn’t perfect, but was a decent governor and did his best as President once the liberal Congress came along.

    I hope they put one of those billboards up in Dallas where you drive each day so you can see W’s sweet face. It beats looking at Obama’s mug any day of the week.

    Yes Pres. Bush – we do miss you!

  • Scott

    In response to AtheistConservative: as said in other comments, the section you are referring to is Article I, Section 9, but in addition to that, the text specifically says: “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” Last time I checked, we were not under a state of rebellion nor invasion (except by idiots, but I think they were already in the country), and no, isolated terrorist attacks, no matter how heinous they were, do not constitute an invasion.

    Sadly, it will take more than 4 (or even 8) years to repair the damage that was done during the majority of the past decade. The government cannot simply “turn on a dime” for policy changes as that would collapse the entire system (not that rebuilding the government from scratch would be a bad thing to do, the chaos would be detrimental to society)

    I’m not saying that Obama is the best person for the job, but he’s still far better than McCain would have been.

  • WOW!

    Ummmm… how could anyone possibly miss old W?? Even W didn’t miss himself considering he spent 1/3 of his Presidency on vacation!!!!! Not to mention as a war/lowest rating/bad economy President…

    Personally, I miss Bill Clinton the most….

    Just wait till you guys elect Palin, then Obama will be the one missed!

  • kendall3

    How pathetic that we stoop to this level as a nation.

  • Lisa

    Yes George Bush I miss you !!!!!!!!!!

  • . . . confused much?

    I am absolutely floored as to how insanely delusional some of these people are regarding their feelings for G-Dubya – and how badly they want Obama to fail. Does anyone realize that it’s going to take time (we’re talking years here, not months) to even start to recover from Bush’s wars and his outrageous defense spending, his tax cuts to the richest ‘people’ in America, all the corporate fraud, his deregulation of industrial pollution laws, among countless other examples of mindless spending and wanton waste that his administration created and/or implemented over his 8 year reign?? How quickly the Bushies are to forget where this mess came from. Sure, Obama isn’t hitting the nail on the head with everything he’s struggling to deal with, but at least he’s trying to get us out of the hole that GW left us in. At least I don’t have to feel as embarrassed to say what country I’m from when I travel abroad as I did during GW’s term. Not only personal embarrassment, but from the reaction I’d get from other people.

    And finally, I’m sorry folks, but I don’t feel sorry for those of you complaining about how your taxes are going up because of Obama… if you made less than $250,000, you got a tax break. That’s 95% of working families the country. Why are you protesting taxes?

  • FT

    I dunno. I like a prez who can complete sentences. I don’t miss him one bit. And while I think all politicians are idiots for getting into public service in the first place, it’s nice not to have too many of them asleep at the wheel – or worse, letting potholes fester w/o fixing them (a metaphor — sorry). Unfortunately, the brightest presidents typically inherit the worst crap (Nixon & Carter come to mind; JFK made that mistake of visiting Texas, and Clinton was luckier but squandered it). ‘Bama needs to finish something rather than talk about it or complaining. BTW, hope all of you have jobs. I do. Got to get back to work…

  • PALIN2012

    Remember to vote for me in 2012 – also, be sure to forget me speaking at the Alaskan Indepence Party convention when I was Governor of Alaska and while my husband was a member – if you thought Rev. Wright and William Ayers were bad – just wait till you see what surfaces from Joe Vogler…. Believe me people, I had no idea what I was doing, oh where is McCain to take the blame???

  • GoFigure

    Somehow I find it categorized as “not so surprising” that a state of people who elect a “pro wrassler” as governor and then follow that up with a senator possessing prime leadership qualities of map drawing and spewing insulting jokes in the spotlight would find a billboard somewhat of a puzzle.

    But that’s just me.

  • kricket

    Yes!, absolutely and it will only get worse over the next three years.

  • PO’D

    Atheist Conservative – typical republican – The constitutions article 2 only has 4 sections but if you are refering to article 1 section 9 The U.S. constitution says ” The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in case of rebellion or invasion the public saftey may require it.” What does your say? – It doesn’t have to be right or accurate, republicans can say and do whatever they want. — Still looking for those WMD? –Still waiting for the rebellion and the invasion!! — Miss who?

  • George W. Bush

    It was me; I miss the attention. I feel so alone out on my ranch.

    On another note, I’m a huge News Cut fan. Also I spend time every day at 3PM with Tom Crann on All Things Considered. He’s da man.

  • kennedy

    I suggest shutting down this thread. Too much inflammatory rhetoric. Go to other sites for a shouting match.

  • Barry

    The liberals all want to know who put it up so they can go after them and try and make them take it down, that’s all!

    You people have so much time on your hands to attack and disparage, it’s incredible!

    You have the Tea Parties to go after now so that will give you something else to do in your full time job to try and shut people up!

    We miss you George!

  • Pat Smith

    Yes we miss you George and Laura. I had more money, my kids jobs were secure, I didn’t have to worry about the government abuse of me and you defended us against terrorists instead of giving them Miranda rights and civilian trials.

  • vikings favre

    I hate to burst you bubble but it was the Vikings fans that started the bill board thing last week when they told everybody that they would lke tosee Favre back for another season. Sorry not so original.

  • PIK

    We should be missing Bill Clinton, the Country was better off Financily than with Bush and Company or Mr Obama.

  • Keith

    some of you just amaze me

    who do you think got us in the financial mess this country is in right now?

    Are you in such denial that you truly think Obama created this in 1 year?

    Come on, wake up and smell the coffee.

    Time to let a little reality and truth sink into your brains.

    And by the way, if you say something about someone that is true, regardless of how bad it is, that is not disparagement.

    If the truth hurts, too bad.

  • Dennis Oliver

    Please lets NOT forget who put us in the current econ down turn upon leaving office !

    Good old Mr. Bush…. Don’t insult the Average Americans Intellect buy suggesting

    things were good while he was in office,He’s the reason why were in this MESS

    Please remember The Financial collapse developed and took please on HIS watch. !

    We’re all left to clean up after TEX left office ……Thanks a bunch !

  • sheri

    Yes, I too miss George bunches! I wish I would have thought of that first!!



  • Dave

    I would have stayed and looked around but when I read you turned down an interview on TV with FOX, I didn’t have a good feeling about you. Sorry.

    (Collins notes: I’ve turned down interviews with MSNBC and almost every other media organization that’s called. Why? Because here’s what I know: “Someone put up a billboard.” What else is there to say?)

  • MIKE



  • Corinna

    I miss President George W. Bush. Everyone wants to judge and act like they could have done a better job. I don’t care what you have to say. This president (Obama) is bankrupting our beautiful Country. Ask any financial guru, you can’t spend yourself out of debt!! This man is a progressive and he’s progressively making sure we have no future.

  • engineer

    “if you made less than $250,000, you got a tax break. That’s 95% of working families the country. Why are you protesting taxes?”

    Um, I beg to differ and insert a fact here. I just did my taxes, and my federal taxes went up almost $2000 this year. The “making work pay” credit for my wife and me made it so we felt it less, but we made less than half of the $250k number Obama spews, and we got boned on taxes. Our income went up by $15k because of bonuses I got at work, but our taxes went up by a much larger percentage.

    Obama lies about taxes. You know how to tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

  • Rumpelstiltskin


    fyi the bank deregulation wasn’t Bush, it was Clinton. Also, the crisis wasn’t created by the private sector. It was a combination of artifically low interest rates (federal reserve) and government guaranteed mortgages (government guaranteed = bailout guaranteed).

    So, if we want to put names on this, here’s a few:

    woodrow wilson (signed federal reserve act)

    fdr (almost everything he did was wrong. fannie mae was one of them)

    jimmy carter (freddie mac was his baby)

    Geithner, Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson and pretty much everybody involved at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. Except for maybe Volcker, but he delayed the inevitable.

    Nixon for finishing what FDR started with taking us off the gold standard.

    What should be done now is getting rid of the federal reserve. All this money that Obama’s spending — there’s no way China’s lending that all to us, haha. It’s being created out of thin air. Which devalues the currency.

    The financial and housing crisis was the last one to hit. There’s no recovery coming — Obama’s antics are preventing it.

    The next crisis is the currency crisis. We’ll be like Argentina.



  • Duece

    I know im tired of hearing “its not my fault, this was here when I got here”. Obama spends more time whining about this than he has tried to constructively fix the situation. And shoving his leftist agenda down our throats is not fixing the economy. Im all for giving breaks to the middle class but who do you dems think that built this country into what it is now. it wasnt the middle class. Like it or not it was the people with money and resources, yes the rich. With out that 5% making over $250,000, the middle class would not be what it is today. You want to get the economy moving again and people back to work, send $$ up the ladder, not down!!! Instead what is going to happen if we keep on this road is that the “middle class will turn into to government dependents who feed off the system bringing everyone else down with them. Can you say “Long live the king”?

  • Rob

    It’s not the fact if it’s real or not. It’s the fact that it reflects the true nature as to what it happening and how more and more Americans are feeling.

  • Bob Collins


    I’ve weeded out the racist comments and tried to eliminate those that provide no value — they make it harder to find some of the interesting ones that people have posted in a respectful way.

    I’m closing comments now. I’m not seeing stuff that hasn’t been said a million times.