The Minnesota Olympics

The U.S. Olympic team has been finalized, and Minnesota is sending more athletes to Vancouver than any other state. Chisholm, Duluth, and Edina tie for most athletes from a single city.

Here’s the final list of the “locals”:

Rebekah Bradford; Apple Valley, Minn.; Speedskating (LT)

Wynn Roberts; Battle Lake, Minn.; Biathlon

Natalie Nicholson; Bemidji, Minn.; Curling

David Backes; Blaine, Minn.; Ice Hockey

Erik Johnson; Bloomington, Minn.; Ice Hockey

John Shuster; Chisholm, Minn.; Curling

Jason Smith; Chisholm, Minn.; Curling

Jamie Langenbrunner; Cloquet, Minn.; Ice Hockey

Jeff Isaacson; Duluth, Minn.; Curling

Chris Plys; Duluth, Minn.; Curling

Natalie Darwitz; Eagan, Minn.; Ice Hockey

Allison Pottinger; Eden Prairie, Minn.; Curling

Jenny Potter; Edina, Minn.; Ice Hockey

Kaylin Richardson; Edina, Minn.; Skiing – Alpine

Caitlin Compton; Minneapolis, Minn.; Skiing – Cross Country

Garrot Kuzzy; Minneapolis, Minn.; Skiing – Cross Country

Zach Parise; Prior Lake, Minn.; Ice Hockey

John Benton; St. Michael, Minn.; Curling

Gigi Marvin; Warroad, Minn.; Ice Hockey

Tony Benshoof; White Bear Lake, Minn.; Luge

Paul Martin, Elk River, Minn.; Ice Hockey

(Update: Tomorrow on Morning Edition, Cathy Wurzer tries her hand at curling. I believe we’ll also have some video. Don’t miss it, because it’ll probably be four years before we do another curling story.)

  • Good to see lots of Minnesotan’s in the Games. Just an observation, curling is a tough sport for the precision and practice it takes to get good at. I challenge anyone to try it and then call it a “non-sport”. It’s one of those that looks easier than it really is. That said, if you take away the 7 curling folks, the numbers for Minnesota athletes are more in line with other states like Mich, and Cali:

    Here are the top states:

    Minn – 21

    NY – 19

    Utah – 16

    Colo – 15

    Cali – 15

    Wisc – 15

    Mich – 14

    Mass – 12

  • MR

    Sadly for the US Men’s Hockey Team, Paul Martin withdrew from consideration for the team today. His broken arm didn’t heal quickly enough.

  • Alyssa

    Where is Lindsay Vonn? Is she not considered from MN because she now trains in CO? Seems there may be some other Minnesotans not on the list if that’s the criteria…

  • Bob Collins

    It’s based on the “home address” the athletes give the USOC as their “hometown.” She lists Vail as her hometown.

    Apparently she’s not “one of us” anymore.