The Los Angeles Vikings?

A design firm is out with a proposed “eco-friendly” NFL football stadium for a realty corporation that wants to attract an NFL team.

Is it mere coincidence it has a “purple” theme?


“The innovative 75,000-seat stadium will be built at a cost of $800 million, which is about $400 million less than other NFL stadium proposals,” the Web site says.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, however, has unveiled an $870 million stadium design to try to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. The team’s lease at the Metrodome ends after the 2011-2012 season.

(h/t: Ken Paulman)

  • Tyler

    And a Cabela’s tucked in the right side? I didn’t know LA had such an out-doorsy crowd!

  • Heather

    Wow, Tyler! Good eye! That’s hilarious.

  • John P.

    I guess it’s no more ridiculous than the LA Lakers, in a city with no lakes, or the Dallas (North)stars. Sports franchises have little or no loyalty. They are private businesses that will move when they see that it makes business sense.

  • Dave

    I would be very happy if the Vikings did move…and we could start over with a brand new franchise…take their 1st field goal missed in 2 years, and too many men on the field penalties when they have a chance at a field goal to win the NFC title, to some other place….we have sufferred enough.

  • Luke

    Wow dave i’m assuming by you using the word we, you consider yourself a vikings fan. I hope that whole comment was sarcastic and that i didn’t pick up on it, because if that was how you really feel, that you would be happy if the vikes moved, you are the worst vikings fan in history. I am a vikings fan from South Dakota and i go to at least one game a year, if they moved to LA the vikes can kiss me goodbye as a fan.

  • Nan

    If they aren’t in MN then they can’t be the Vikings. Find your own team LA.