Sleeping in airports

Thousands of flights to cities on the East Coast have been canceled as the latest winter storm (the one that hit us earlier this week) takes a whack at the region. Thousands of travelers are stranded.

But it’s all about us, of course, which is why we’re duty bound to reveal that Minneapolis St. Paul has been selected as the 5th-best airport in the country to sleep in, according to the Boston Globe.

Some of the reviews provided to The Guide to Sleeping in Airports makes the C concourse sound like a vacation destination:

On my way back from Orlando I had a 6 hour layover in Minneapolis on my way to Calgary. I arrived at 3:15 in the afternoon & was resigned to the fact of my layover, wondering how I was gonna kill 6 hours! I found an open square near where the moving sidewalks start where there were big lounging Lazyboy-style chairs (which you normally put money in to make them vibrate but even if you just sit in them nobody cares. I managed to catch a good powernap as they were pretty comfy & you could also slide another armchair over to rest your feet on. Behind me was a big picture window & the tram ran outside & I kept thinking tram riders as they whizzed by could spy on me sleeping. I then noticed there was a power port behind the chairs where you can plug in a laptop (which was good cuz the battery on mine was dying). I spent the next 2 hours surfing the Internet & writing Facebook messages to my friends. WiFi is provided through Boingo so you have to pay for it. Anyway, after spending nearly half my layover time in my comfy spot I decided to get up & wander around, now feeling quite rested. Chance had it that I suddenly saw a friend from home walk right past me!!! What were the chances?? He was on his way to New York so we chatted for about 15 minutes. That was pretty cool. There are almost 2 miles of moving sidewalks to play on if you get bored & despite this being a midwest USA airport, a recorded voice in a British accent says constantly, “Attention, you are approaching the end of the moving walkway.” Now, from my vantagepoint of soft chairs, this tended to get rather annoying as the chairs are situated right AT the end of the moving walkway! however, I found there was plenty to do at this airport & it wouldn’t be a really bad place to spend a layover. I’d have no qualms about going through MSP again.

  • Lmariak

    This is hilarious!