Goodbye, weiner winners

News Cut fancies itself a protector of history. So let’s protect this jingle — a staple of Minnesota life — while we still can:

You’ll never hear the jingle, nor get a chance to flub “weiner winner,” again.

Hormel has announced its ending its sponsorship of the Minnesota Twins, because the team wanted too much money to continue.

My colleague, Gary Eichten, noted today that an item on his bucket list — to be in the Hormel Row of Fame — will forever be unchecked.

  • Bonnie

    vikings too?

  • My friend Bill started a save the We Want Wiener Winners at Target Field page on facebook. If you’re interested- please join the group.

  • Sam

    Nostalgia aside, Hormel’s Dome Dogs have been disgusting, mushy, waterlogged gutbombs for as long as I’ve lived in Minnesota. Other ML ballparks manage to sell grilled hot dogs that actually look and taste good (and cost about the same as the Dome Dogs,) rather than boiling inferior dogs and then storing them in filthy hot water until they’re squished into a tasteless Wonder Bread bun.

    I know Hormel is a beloved Minnesota company, but honestly, there was no concession change more needed than this as the Twins move to Target Field.

  • Josh Karaus

    Singing the “Row of Fame” jingle was as much a part of a Twins game for me as “Take me Out to the Ballgame”. And as for the mushy hot dog comment…that is what made them so great! A nice soggy bun and a mediocre hot dog made my day at the Dome. Too fresh of a bun and it just was not the same. Hope Target Field can carry on the mediocre hot dog tradition.