Billboard mystery partly revealed


Update on the great billboard mystery.

Mary Teske, the general manager of Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising reports, “The Bush Miss Me Yet? billboard was paid for by a group of small business owners who feel like Washington is against them. They wish to remain anonymous. They thought it was a fun way of getting out their message.”

Various people have stepped forward around the country to claim credit — the latest was a gentleman in upstate New York from what I can tell in his e-mail. But, it’s all local, folks.

There’s a post to be written someday about the viral nature of trivia and how it gets attention at the expense of more meaningful stories (this one, for example), but I guess I’ll wait on that one.

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  • Morris Ratliff

    Obama cannot be blamed for all the current chaos, nor can Bush, W. It all started long ago, as early as 1913, with the Income Tax Amendment XVI, with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and with the confiscation of Gold by FDR in 1933. The value of the dollar has been in steady decline since the US Government has been free to create money out of thin air with the FED. The 1913 dollar is now worth less than 5 cents.

  • justacoolcat

    I’m pretty sure Dick Cheney is responsible.

  • David W.

    Usually business who advertise on billboards want people to know who they are in addition to what they’re selling. I guess those Wyoming businesses aren’t interested in actually standing behind their product as advertised. Which to be honest shouldn’t be all that surprising given the history of Bush & Company.

  • bsimon

    “They thought it was a fun way of getting out their message.”

    I guess I don’t understand the message. Do they yearn for a return to the doctrine of pre-emptive war? For tax cuts without spending cuts? For the belief that deregulation is the only valid regulation – that markets will police themselves?

    If there are businessmen who believe such nonsense, I suspect their business troubles are not caused by Washington.

  • Michael from Texas

    “Miss you? Bub, I wasn’t even aiming at you…”

  • Buddydave

    It’s probably smart of them to remain anonymous. I, for one, would stop patronizing any business who put up that billboard. Yeah, they got a lot of attention, but the end result has simply been more divisive blathering by both sides.

  • Pat

    Well, I’ll admit to missing him. At least he didn’t show up on tv every other night, on a talk show or giving a network commanding speech. I’m sick of Nobama’s presence. I’ll admit to missing W and would spend at any shop that supported this billboard. Pat

  • Rob

    1) Nope – I don’t miss Bush yet…

    2) MPR should investigate and find out who paid for the billboard and make it public.

    Why should a group of people be able to put up a public billboard and then be able to hide in the dark so that we don’t know who paid for it?

  • What the heck even. If the owners intended to stay anon. then why even pay for the billboard in the first place?

    Now any problems they have will in no way get solved.

  • Bob Cranford

    You can ‘t in no way blame Obama for the years of dishonesty and carelessness. At least he is sticking to what he has promised/trying to get it done. This is a race thing. Get over it.

  • Horatio799

    No. Good bye and good riddance.

  • Michael

    Why for 8 years of Bush it was okay to remain anonymous and say anything even comparing Bush to Hitler, yet someone makes a joke and everyone wants their heads. Shouldn’t free speech go both ways? Not that I am huge Bush supporter or Obama supporter, plainly I can’t stand both parties but I will stand behind anyone who wants to speak up and will support their right to speech weather it is against Bush or against Obama. I don’t think it should matter, but the double standard from the left is getting annoying, you could call Bush anything you wanted, but anything said about Obama is automatically called racist and hate speech. Why the double standard I don’t get it…

  • Anonymous

    No, George, I don’t miss you at all.

  • Rich Dietman

    Let’s see, how does it go again? “Miss me yet, shame on …” Ah, well, I forget. But I do miss that about the guy.

  • velo

    Nope, I don’t miss him. He was intent on destroying our democracy, taking our freedoms and lying to the American public. I don’t miss him at all.

    The bill board actually might make the opposite point that they intended. The people whining about Obama would be well served by remembering Bush and what he did during his time in office. Starting 2 wars, lying about the rational for one of them, encouraging casino capitalism and a variety of other failings puts Obama’s minor difficulties in perspective.

  • Ah, great! This settled up some contradictions I’ve heard.

  • Jared

    I like to see the right, such as Pat (12.39), always criticizing the current administration by slandering Obama’s name with some witty typo.

    Every month this keeps going on is a month more I’m glad I don’t associate with the right anymore. I was a total conservative, and thus Republican, back in 2000 but the last 10 years, mainly 2007 and on have pushed me far to the middle-left and now almost left.

    How can anyone miss someone who:

    Started 2 wars (1 which we are finishing within the year, 1 that still needs a lot of work)

    Doubled the national debt

    Gave away the largest entitlements bill in history (Medicare Part D: taxpayer funds which goes right into Pharma industry coffers)

    Took a surplus budget and made it over $-1 trillion

    Created the least jobs since 1921 (besides Hoover, who had the Great Depression), and that counts both of his terms in office

  • kennedy

    People put up a billboard to get noticed. It seems like this one succeeded better than most. Done with three words and a photo, that’s efficient marketing.

  • S

    I see people going back to work, plants firing back up. If Bush was still in the White House we’d be spening our money or overseas wars and people continuing to become obese. Obama is slowly but surely making a positive change, give it time. 8 years of W was 8 too many, except for voters from the South. They can keep him down there.

  • rrg

    Freedom of speech at it’s finest. Nothing wrong with it, but why remain anonymous? Seems passive aggressive, but then again, that’s the way of politics whether left or right!

  • Laurel

    Funny, watching the State House meetings on Channel 2 and a several Republicans were pushing for reduced taxes on corporations and businesses. Finally a democrat spoke up and said , “We had 8 years of that, how’s it going for you?”

    And if we give more tax cuts to corporations in Minnesota we will be missing another 2 Billion in tax dollars, so where do you propose to make that up? A republican said, well if we give tax cuts to businesses, people will start businesses in their garages.

    Well how many garage businesses do we need to recover 2 billion in tax revenue?

    Where are we going to create jobs? More jobs for China?

    Because one of the reasons we have such high unemployment is because of tax cuts given to corporations to send jobs to China and India thanks to Bush. I know of at least two businesses out here that moved their companies to China, leaving several people with no jobs here.

    The economy will not recover unless they get the gas and heating costs down, because the average American has no spending money when it all goes into the gas tank to get to work, and the furnace to heat their homes.

    It cost $1200 a month to commute from Milaca to the cities to work, since there are no jobs in Milaca, The cost of heating our home is 3.5 times as much as it was 4 years ago, so add that up, at a monthly cost of $1,166 more a month to commute and heat.

    That is why people lost their homes out here, and that is why we have so many empty homes still, but they blame the home owners. THIS IS WHAT BUSH BROUGHT US. But he still gave tax cuts to the Oil companies.

    Miss Bush, No, Miss Clinton Yes.

    I think the billboard reminds us more of how bad things are because of Bush, and its purpose is going to backfire on those business owners. Bush spent 8 years messing things up, its going to take Obama more than a year to make things better.

    Furthermore, HALF of the deficit is caused by tax cuts to the rich that Bush did. Check out Congressman Jim Oberstars web site and news letter for the facts.

  • Michael

    I thought it was freakin hilarious! Like something the SNL crew might dream up. That fact that a group of people paid for it to send a serious message just makes me laugh that much harder!

  • Jeff

    I’ll never forget while watching the NBC coverage of the Inauguration on Jan 20, 2009. David Gregory said it this quote as the helicopter carrying George & Laura Bush from the White House took off. “There goes, perhaps, the worst President in United States history.”

    I could not agree more with that sentiment with perhaps the exception of Nixon.

  • Craig McCloud

    This is excellent. The first 6 years under GWB were great. The stock market and my 401K soared. Then the democrats took over and look where we are. The new leader passed a 900,000 stimulus package which has not created 1 single job. Can’t wait to see the spin NLR (National Liberal Radio) puts on this story.

  • Jeff

    We need this stimulus package so GM won’t go bankrupt.

    We need this stimulus package so unemployment won’t go above 10%.


    GM went bankrupt

    Unemployment exceeded 10%

    Fact: Obama lied, time for impeachment!

    The government now owns an auto company

    The government now owns multiple banks

    The president now has Czars controlling all sorts of things with no congressional oversight.

    Miss him?

    Hell yeah!

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Bush did it! Cheney did it! Sarah Palin did it! Did I leave anyone out?

  • Diana Radabaugh

    Yes, a million times a million I miss you Mr President, George W. Bush.

    In office you were not perfect. But then no was ever was. Neither has any one ever been .

    But I could count on several things with you.

    You sought the Face of The LORD through Jesus Christ to lead you and guide you every day in every decision for us the people.

    You love the God of our country and not an idol of a foreign god. You were always humble and really loved the people and their protection and good is what you sought for.

    You said what you meant and you meant what you said, it was solid and carried out just like you said it would be.

    You always wanted the best for the United States and you believed in her.

    You stood for the truth as the constitution wrote it. You never apologize for Her you were proud and rightly so for her history and for the men and women that serves to keep us safe.

    I miss seeing your smile, your gentleness and feeling safe when I heard you speak.

    Yes, oh yes I miss you Mr President.

  • Jim Brant

    “Why should a group of people be able to put up a public billboard and then be able to hide in the dark so that we don’t know who paid for it?”

    Rob, it’s called freedom of speech

  • Lisa Mora

    YES!!! I miss you President Bush. You did the best you could. I always felt safe for my family and myself. Not so much anymore.

    Worst Presidents….Carter 1at….Clinton for getting inpeached.

  • WAS

    What does it matter whether they choose to remain annonymous or not? There is no law requiring advertising companies to require an identity on billboards. I find the whole thing quite humerous. The fact that we have a right to free speech, whether it be mean, devisive, kind or unifying is the one thing that makes this the greatest country in the world to live in. Those of you that want to make an issue of people expressing their opinion openly or anonymously…..look at Iran and China. Ask those people how happy they are. And, by the way, QUIT BLAMING BUSH. He screwed up but Obama accepted the job so, the fact that his predecessor messed up does not give him any passes. He was hired by the American people to fix it so, fix it and quit whinning about what you were left with.

  • John

    Yes, I do miss you, W. And even here in the comments, they still blame you.

    For those still blaming Bush for the worlds ills, get over it. A new guy has been in his place for over a year and has set this country on the road to ruin. He said he was going to make things better. He hasn’t. Now he blames Bush because it was “worse than he expected”. Nice leadership coming from a guy who said “elect me to fix the worst economy since the Great Depression”. News flash: It is not worse than the Great Depression.

    Grow up President Obama. Be a man of your word. Stand by your convictions. Stop crying and blaming others. Stop throwing stones and then say we should be more civil to each other when the stones are thrown back at you. In other words, be more like Bush.

  • Me

    You can ‘t in no way blame Obama for the years of dishonesty and carelessness. At least he is sticking to what he has promised/trying to get it done. This is a race thing. Get over it.

    Posted by Bob Cranford

    Wow… A race thing? That’s original… Seems that whenever anyone takes issue with the current administration, the race card is consistently tossed out there.

    Please enlighten us about what our current President has promised and stuck to. Stimulus bill curbing unemployment? Nope. Bailout of GM to save it from bankruptcy? Nope. Hold transparent healthcare debates/discussions? Nope. Tough rules for lobbyists? Nope. End no-bid contracts? Nope. Allow 5-days of public comment before signing bills? Nope. Reduce earmarks? Nope.

    All administrations make promises that they don’t intend to keep or can’t. Contrary to what Obama ran on, “Hope and Change”, he’s no different than most other politicians. For some reason, people just don’t want to believe that…

    Who cares who paid for the billboard; it’s funny. Get over it!

  • deadpuppy

    got to love this public radio crap…what a lie they have deleted all of my post that dont conform w/ their socialist ways……..go get em champ what a loser.

    (Collins: Deadpuppy. I’ve been deleting posts that are disrespectful to other posters. Argue respectfully and intelligently or be gone. I’m not against the politics of any poster, But add value, not insults. There are a million other places you can go for that.)

  • impeachmentobummer

    impeachment obummer…i like the sound of that

  • GBImitator

    Hey, Y’all! I guess that the populationists that derected that board were wantin’ to remember that someone had misunderestimated my strategery, and had misremembered my mastership of english vocabulation.

  • Joshua

    Whoa! 37 comments and counting… Go Bob Go!

    (Bob: I’m deleting as many as I’m letting through. Tonal problems)

  • Slick

    Miss you, god no, its your fault we are where we are right now. I can’t imagine how much worse off we would be if you were still here.So no, I don’t miss you, we are still trying to claw ourselves back from what you did to us.

  • tgambogi

    The guilty party is John Galt

  • patriot

    God, I do miss you! I wish there were more like you.

  • John

    Amazing the comments that are made here about tax cuts and spending cuts and Obama can’t be blamed.

    In one year he has done more to destroy the economy of the US than any other administration in the history of the nation. He has increased not only taxes but also spending to unprecedented levels. He has no interest in what the people want but continues to push his agenda for government controlled everything .

    But I guess if I had been dumb enough to vote for him, I would alos have to try to defend such stupidity.

  • Whistle Berries


    I miss G. W. Bush about as much as I would miss an inflammed carbuncle on my buttocks.

  • Cabot Wormwood

    Got the link from my son and the message is AWESOME. Advertising that makes me laugh is priceless. I wish I’d created this campaign and/or paid for it.

    Remember our freedom is not free. We pay for it every day. Hopefully future generations won’t elect leaders that give it away.

  • Joe

    The stupidest president EVER

  • Don

    Nothing to miss

  • josh Snyder

    This billboard has nothing to do with free speech. The ad agency is a private enterprise. The first amendment means nothing they can put up or deny whatever they like.

    The ignorance in claiming that this is a free speech issue explains a lot about how someone might miss the former POTUS. In short, you’re an ignorant hick, a relic of the past. None of your tea-bagging faux outrage can save you from the imminent demise of your flawed and corrupt ideology.

    There is no conservative America. Only a bunch of idiots who believe scumbag GOP lies. The GOP is just as “socialist” as the DNC, just far less honest about it.

    I’m endlessly amused when I watch decaying old people (who live off medicare and social security) decry the ‘socialist agenda’ of the present POTUS.

    I’m young and willing for all you people who ruined our country to die. Let’s end the socialist medicare programs to make that happen ASAP. Stop redistributing my tax dollars into your decrepit old bodies, you rural hypocritical Marxist pigs.

    FYI, I throw votes away on independent parties because I’m the only one who really wants change.

  • Ben Chorn

    So Bob, is this your 15 minutes of fame? Is this how you wanted your blog to be hailed???

    As an avid reader I hope this helps pick up a few more viewers… I love your articles and political sense!

  • Heather

    If that’s their marketing, what, exactly are they selling? I’m just checking so I don’t accidentally buy any of it.

    At the very least, I LOOOOOOOVE having a President who speaks English. ; )

  • Bob Collins

    Funny you should ask, Ben, I was just exchanging DMs with David Brauer via Twitter on that subject.

    I like people at least finding out there IS a News Cut. How many will be back? I don’t know. Probably not many. But I’d rather have people come here than not come here.

    That said, I’d rather people come here for the journalism or at least the thoughtful discussions we often have, rather than another opportunity for America to have a “You Stink!” “No, YOU stink!” discussion.

    Isn’t America EVER going to get tired of that? I know I do because I think it just sucks the intelligence right out of your brain.

    It’s also been interesting to see how the national media in particular wastes our time on what is essentially trivia, when it could be telling important stories and educating us.

    Now, sure, I put the picture up here. But I post about 50 posts a week. The reason I turned down so many interview requests on this particular story is that it’s a picture of a billboard. It isn’t ANYTHING more than that and, perhaps, a little mystery.

    So, fine, interview me. There’s 15 seconds right there. Now what?

    As befits News Cut’s tendency to turn the mirror back on ourselves, it’s been an exercise in what OUR reaction to it tells us about US.

    You know, we’ve got a heck of a lot of important problems to solve in this country and it’s going to take people pulling together and using their brainpower to solve it. I don’t see that happening given the nonsense of the last 24 hours.

    It’s just a billboard. It’s not journalism. But if people visiting the site would like to poke around, I’m kinda hopeful they’ll find some, put down the pitchforks, and engage in a productive way.

    Now watch: We’ll find out it was a stunt by the billboard company.

  • Elaine

    Hell Yes I miss Bush!!!

    I miss the jobs that various family members had (gone)….I miss the interest my 401 K was gaining….I miss the feeling that someone was looking out for this country and not pandering to the people who wish to blow us off the planet….

    I can do without Nobama on TV or radio everytime I turn around and blaming everyone else for his incompetence….

    SARAH PALIN……you go girl

    by the way, get over the race deal..didn’t he have a caucasian mother or has everybody forgot about that…..No matter, the people who elected him did not research Chicago politics….(corruption and incompetence run amoke

  • Michael

    All I can say is these comments are why I love NPR and its local stations. Both sides, being civil. People say what they want, but by far the most balanced place for comments from both sides, for and against. The younger independent voters who don’t care for either party are the people I agree with the most and wish had a stronger voice in the political area, but everyone seems to hold to one side or the other while not noticing the majority of us are in the middle.

    God Bless America because regardless of political party, something needs to be done that is going to work, because right now, nothing is working and things need to stop getting worse. So glad congress can’t do anything for a couple days thanks to the snow. Maybe they actually took time off to think about things and come up with some new ideas instead of just rushing through the first idea someone had. That goes for both parties over the past who knows how long.

  • Tom

    Let’s see….we used to have a leader who couldn’t talk, but did something…and some of it worked and some of it didn’t.

    Now have a leader who can talk, but doesn’t do anything. It’s not amazing that he has a 50 percent approval rating. It’s amazing that it’s not lower. But then he got a Nobel for nothing done yet either.

    Everything that’s gone wrong in this country has been blamed by the latter on the former, and none of it on the latter by the former.

    In the words of Jerry Springer, “What’s going on here?”

    Answer: “Nothing….yet!” But stay tuned. There’s talk of a detente.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, YES!

  • Don

    Well Mr President Bush…In a word 100% yes…my god Yes…you have more class , dignity, honor in your “little Pinky” than that other person in the White House(President Obama) We have become the laughing stock of thworld…communism, socialism…does not work in a republic…nothing is for free…except the gift that are savior Jesus Christ did for us!

    What a difference in class between the two.

    Please I hope you read these posts.

    Hoooah!1 to President Bush….God bless you and your family!!

    God bless the USA!!!!

  • Bilgeman

    “Miss Me Yet?”

    More so with each passing day, pardner.

    You weren’t perfect, but largely you done right by us.

    Better’n anyone could rightfully expect, and you took a mountain of sh!t for it.

    That’s why electing people with strength of moral character is more important than any other consideration.

    (BTW, GBImitator: You Won the Internets with your comment. Hilarious!)

  • Fred Warden

    I had nothing to do with the sign but if I knew where to send a donation, I would do so.

  • The Real Joe Six-pack

    The quote: Mary Teske, the general manager of Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising reports, “The Bush Miss Me Yet? billboard was paid for by a group of small business owners who feel like Washington is against them. They wish to remain anonymous. They thought it was a fun way of getting out their message.”

    I suspect several things, 1) The billboard was paid for by we the people thanks to the Bush tax cuts for the rich, 2) I am sure they, the small business owners (an oxymoron, I am a small busines owner and am in the red as most small businesses for 2009), 3) I am sure they,the large business billboard sponsers, did think it was a a fun way of getting out their message out, what thaqt message is is very ubnclear, perhaps it is that it sucks to be you, meaning tha vast majority of us in this tough time. Lastly it so veyr clear that many of the commenter here are bigots by the simple fact that do not have respect for the office of the president of the United States of America, many only referring to ex-president bush as president and not our present president by his proper title. Clearly this is pure bigotry.

    I am sure the fun spoken of by the sponsors of the billboard funders, are them laughing at us all the way to the bank.

    I cannot imagine what is yet to come with the influence of the rich and powerful which now will include multinational corporations.

  • Mr. Collins:

    Your reaction, as reflected in your comment at 4:59 pm is so right on! As I read the comments of your more regular readers (I am here from Kansas City, due to the caller on Limbaugh’s program), I see such a sharp divide. Even when I read bloggers, editorials and op-eds in my own neck of the woods, I wonder, “How will we get anything done?”

    Thanks for clearing up the mystery of the billboard, and giving time and space to what seems trivial, but really is something that shows us a little something about ourselves.

  • Michael

    I will agree that President Obama is our President and deserves the respect of the office. But people on the left have to remember that people on the right are not going to be so quick to forgive 8 years in which Former President Bush was not shown the same respect, he was called every name in the book and many people just claimed he was not their president so they didn’t have to show him any respect. After 8 years of that it is going to be hard to forget the standard was changed and sadly we all have to live with it. I wish the Right would show respect for the office of the President while disagreeing with policies all day long, which is how it should be done. Sadly most people I know on the right are so upset after hearing for 8 years no respect for the office, the all feel fair is fair, since the left is always saying fair is fair they are giving the left what they scream, granted mostly taken out of context, but the left does it to the right so the right is doing the same.

    I wish everyone would come to terms that we all should respect the office of the President while disagreeing with the agenda put forth, but it will take a while before we get back to that place. Which is sad and why I can’t stand most people on either side or party.