What happened at Seward Market

Two teenagers have now been charged with murder in the murders of three people at the Seward Market and Halal Meat in Minneapolis. The two will be charged as adults Prosecutors say Ahmed Ali told them he and Mahdi Ali went to the store the evening of Jan. 6 with the intent of robbing it and that Mahdi Ali shot the three men inside.

Here’s the criminal complaint against Ahmed Ali. And the one for Mahdi Ali.

The shooting started when Anwar Mohamed walked into the store during the robbery and was shot. It says Mahdi Ali then ran out of the store, chased by Mohamed Warfa, who was shot and killed in the doorway. Mahdi is then charged with running into the store, chasing down, and killing Osman Elmi as he tried to make a call on his cellphone.

Warfa and Elmi were cousins. Elmi worked at Seward Market and Halal Meats at E. Franklin and 25th Aves. Warfa visited him with a hot cup of Somali tea.

Additional details can be found here.

  • Kassie

    I don’t get it.

    Last week Police Chief Dolan backed off the robbery angle, and that was after his people had seen the tapes. I assume they were translated into English for the police by then.

    Second, there were lots of rumors that it was a political assassination of some type, but no one came out and said, that it was a robbery in order to stop those rumors.

    Then the county delayed filing charges twice because it was a difficult case. Two kids walk into a store, botch a robbery and leave, with 8 video cameras, is not a difficult case. That’s as cut and dry as you get. Why the delay?

    Something is fishy here. But the media doesn’t seem to be asking any questions. Either is the community.

  • Bob Collins

    The complaint is pretty descriptive about what happened and the video will be shown at the trial so I don’t think they doctored the complaint. As described, that’s not a “hit.” That’s someone shooting someone who was chasing him, then going back to get rid of the witnesses.

    Why did Dolan back off the robbery angle? I don’t know but generally cops don’t like to tip what they know ahead of time.

    As for the delaying filing charges, someone who knows says it involves charging them as adults rather than as children.

  • Kasssie

    I just think it is weird. But I’m glad you have some answers that make sense. Thanks

  • Ken

    My sense is that the police were (and may still be) looking for a 3rd suspect (perhaps a getaway driver) and this is why they stayed silent on the motive behind the murders and kept asking for extensions on the deadline to file charges.