Weekend vs. job: Who wins?

We love our weekends, but we love our money and jobs a lot more, a new poll suggests.

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed in the CBS News poll said they would rather keep their current pay and hours at work, rather than have a three-day weekend, even if it means less time with their families.

Do we work too hard? Maybe, and that’s the way we see things shaping up for the future, too, the poll said.

Looking ahead, most Americans don’t expect their relaxation time to increase in the coming decade. Of those surveyed, 39 percent say that in the next 10 years, Americans will be spending more hours working, while just one in 10 expect to have more leisure time. Half say the amount of hours they work will remain the same.

If you had the option, would you take less pay for three-day weekends?(answers)

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