Timewasters: The book of cold

There comes a moment at Casa News Cut every morning that tests the breakfast dishwasher’s mettle: Walk outside to put the coffee grounds in the compost bin? Or grind them up in the garbage disposal?

Regardless of the fact that I’ve been putting stuff in the compost bin since the Johnson administration with nary a handful of compost in return, I like to think I’m doing something good. But every man has his limits and for me, it’s 10 below.

This caused me, naturally, to head to Twitter and suggest a hashtag of book titles about the Minnesota cold. Mine is “A Compost Bin Too Far.”

Surprisingly, because my ideas never catch on via Twitter, the idea caught on on Twitter.

Here are some of the suggested book titles about Minnesota weather-January style:

The Sun Also Rises, But It’s Not Like You Would Notice

Fahrenheit -451

For Whom the Bell Doesn’t Toll Because the Clapper Is Stick to the Bell in an Inch of Rime

Shivering Heights

Paradise Lost Nine Months of the Year

The Unbearable Heavinesss of Being a Minnesotan

Lady Chatterley’s Lover Wore Long Johns

Great Expectations of Warming Up To -11°

The Sound and the Fury of Nearly Freezing to Death


The Brothers Freezeyerazov

A Farewell to Toes

The Da Vinci Cold

The Useless Sun Also Rises

Jane Frigidaire

The Sound and the Furry Hat

A Heartbreaking Work of Ice Stabbering Genius

A Tale of Two Frozen Cities

(h/t: John Moe)

  • Ben Chorn

    What about “CATCH a cold in -22”?

  • MR

    A Tale of Two Battery Terminals

    Things Freeze And Fall Apart

    One Hundred Hours of Solitude While Waiting For The Plow

    The 500 Layers of Bartholomew Cubbins

  • Janice

    Love in the Time of Chilblains

  • John P.

    The Heart Can Be Cold Anywhere on Earth, but Especially Here.

  • Momkat

    Bob, get one of those compost buckets for grounds, etc., then see who can ignore emptying it the longest (I’m pretty good at that.) Our bucket has a lid that snaps shut so it doesn’t accumulate those little flies. Works great in cold weather. Also warm weather.

  • Jamie

    These are fun, Bob. Thanks for posting them.

    Why haven’t you gotten any compost in all these years?

  • teej

    Of Ice And Men