Tailgate Tales: Favrepalooza


“We like to say we found it in the ambulance bay,” Brian Barstead, a Hinckley emergency room physician said of Favrepalooza, the Vikings-themed ambulance that pulled into the Superdome parking lost this morning for a day of tailgating.

He, his wife Jennifer, and friends Marty Zinsli of Owatonna and Christopher Warner of Cambridge drove from Minnesota with one stop — Kiln, Mississippi, the home of Brett Favre.

“It’s a deep-rooted, long-standing love we have(for Favre),” Zinsli said. “It goes back about six months.”

All are hoping they’ll need to rename their rig, because they expect Favre will retire if the Vikings win the Super Bowl. They’ve ruled out TavarisJacksonpalooza, however.




(Left to right: Jennifer Barstead, Marty Zinsli, Brian Barstead, Christopher Warner)

  • Joanna

    I’m enjoying your reporting from New Orleans so much, I’m actually going to watch the game 😀