Souls crushed, Vikings fans pick up the pieces

If anything is certain after last night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints — besides the fact that Brett Favre shouldn’t have even thought about throwing that pass — it’s that we’ll be wondering about Favre’s employment status until August.

That will be cold comfort for Minnesota football fans. Sure, there’s still the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, but you, Vikings fan, have been relegated to the role of impartial observer.

Bob’s still working his way back to News Cut Headquarters, but beyond that, Vikings fans, how are you doing today? Does life go on? Have you resigned to switching NFL allegiances, afraid to ever root for the purple and gold again?

Perhaps Vikings fans are destined to be the NFL’s version of the Chicago Cubs. It certainly feels like it on the day after a game that gave the team so many chances to put more points on the board.

So, will Emmett Pearson of rural Welch, Minn., ever get to shave? Pearson refuses to trim his beard until the Vikings win a Super Bowl, he told the Rochester Post-Bulletin.


(AP Photo/Rochester Post-Bulletin, Scott Jacobson)

Will the Vikings ever win the Super Bowl?(polls)

  • Ben

    I thought it was a great game! I was ust hoping for a close game, for us not to get blown out like we did against the Giants in ’01, 41-0. It was exciting, went to OT, our defense was solid, our offense moved the ball well, getting 1st downs aplenty…. we just turned it over too many times. I am not saying the turnovers were not painful, I am just saying there were a lot of positives, and since my expectations were for an intense, close game, I got what I was expecting. The Vikings did better than 31 other teams, only two are better. I am still a proud Vikings fan – and I’d like to see Favre back, but don’t expect to know if he will or not until about three weeks into pre-season….

  • Jeff

    We need another option in the poll…

    “Not until they leave town and become the Los Angeles Vikings (or the Las Vegas Vikings, etc.).”

  • Ben Chorn

    After discussing with friends, we have decided that the Vikings are the Red Sox of the NFL

  • bsimon

    I see another Vikings superbowl run in about 15 years, when Aaron Rogers retires from the Packers.

  • John P.

    Starting with the ’65 Twins, as a youngster of 12, I learned to never let my enthusiasm for a particular team get into the sort of territory where I can get my “soul crushed”. I still hate the Dodgers at a subconscious level. This has been reinforced by enough subsequent Twins and especially Viking teams that it’s even better when they exceed my reined-in expectations.

  • Al

    If we’re lucky they won’t be around to win. Hopefully our elected leaders say no to the stadium blackmail and let the overpaid leeches leave the state.

  • Brian F

    I don’t care if they get a new stadium. I just don’t want to pay for it. If they can pay for it themselves or with private sector investors(and they can), I say let ’em have it.