Skiplanes on Lake Calhoun

A couple of pilots made the news today when they landed their skiplanes on Lake Calhoun (No, the video isn’t from Lake Calhoun. Go here for an image from the lake). It also has gotten them in trouble, apparently. The Minnesota Parks Board prohibits landing an airplane on any lake within its jurisdiction.

Despite being the land of 10,000 lakes, very few in the Twin Cities are open to airplanes in any season.

In Hennepin County, for example, these are the only landing spots for ski/seaplanes:

Bryant Lake

Diamond Lake

Eagle Lake

Fish Lake

French Lake

Lake Independence

Lake Minnetonka

Lake Sarah

Medicine Lake

Mississippi River

Ox Yoke Lake

Schmidt Lake

Whaletail Lake

Here’s the full list of lakes.

The pilots who landed their planes today, apparently to visit a nearby restaurant, have a good chance of having their flying licenses revoked or suspended.