Scenes from an airport


This picture from Sunday’s chaos at Newark Airport can lead to two general reactions: (a) My, people are certainly civil during a time of utter chaos and/or (b) My, flying really stinks these days.

It was all caused by a passenger who went the wrong way at the security exit (MPR colleague Curtis Gilbert was at Newark recently and said signage to direct people from Terminal C to Terminal A sends people outside of the security zone, even though there’s a shuttle within the security zone to take them there).

The incident also reconfirms a truism of security. When it fails — and the scene above is the poster child for “fail” — it’s because someone didn’t do his/her job. The New York Daily News says it comes down to one security guard who fell asleep on the job.

But back to the crowd. You have to admire the ability of some people at times like this to make life a party:

  • pcomeau

    You mean that the very expensive full body scanners all the rage now would not have prevented the NJ situation?

    I’m shocked!

    (yes that was sarcasm.)

    But as pointed out… the failure was due a person not doing their job. Something the media and people with knee jerk reactions seem to miss.

  • Eleanor

    Bob Collins, please, not you too with “fail”! Please!