Fresh Eye on the Radio: Packing heat

There’s been another case of a person with a gun getting by airport security undetected, only now we have a better idea why this is happening — not enough travelers with guns.

Screeners in Bozeman, Montana “inadvertently” allowed a passenger with a firearm in his carry-on luggage through security last month, it was revealed today.

“If those guys can’t detect a handgun, which is pretty basic, not some exotic explosive sewn to your underpants, then we get upset,” the head of the airport said, suggesting his airport might get rid of the TSA screeners and hire a private force.

That wouldn’t help much, according to researchers. A study out today says people who search for weapons are more prone to letting them get through when there aren’t many to be found. Their research shows that when guns in luggage are fairly common, screeners were more likely to find them.

Perhaps, then, the solution is to require everyone to pack a gun in their suitcases, so the screeners can find all of them.

Here’s today’s Fresh Eye…

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  • Seems pretty basic…hmmm…socks..ok, underwear (non-explosive)..ok, hair brush…ok, 9mm pistol…ok, Fodors Guide to Terrorism in the US…ok, Snow Globe…ALERT, ALERT….strip search…..

    Thanks Homeland Security for shutting the barn door after the horse has been stolen.