Deep thoughts from the traffic jam

Theory: A two-inch snow fall with a fair amount of wind is more dangerous than a foot-deep snowfall in calm conditions.

Penn Ave & 394


I-35W and 49th:


694 & 15th (Oakdale)


These are not rush-hour pictures from the MnDOT camera. They were taken around 10:30.

Outside of the Twin Cities, MnDOT has released this info:

Southwest-West – Willmar

All state highways in Cottonwood, Jackson, Nobles and Rock are closed due to high winds causing zero visibility and heavy drifting. Snowplow drivers are unable to keep these areas clear.

The following are closure points (locations of gates to close highways)

I-90 from Fairmont west (I-90 is also closed in South Dakota).

Highway 60 from St. James west.

Highway 71 from Sanborn south.

  • Tyler

    I think a big problem with the current road conditions is that they were never fully cleared from the blizzard. A lot of streets I drive have an inch of greasy hardpack ice. This dusty snow on top doesn’t add much traction to that mess.

  • Shane

    I will support that theory!

    I was totally expecting a Jack Handey quote…

  • kennedy

    Alternate theory: Driving in snow when traffic is light during the holidays is safer than driving in snow during normal rush hour traffic.

  • John P.

    In fairness, Penn Ave & 394 seems to look like that in the middle of the summer, and the middle of the night. It never fails to be a big slowdown.

  • Al

    I think the foot of snow is a lot less scary than an inch of snow over a coating of ice. With a foot you don’t worry so much about hitting someone else because the depth slows you down pretty quickly.