American politics UK style

I’ve long wondered what it would be like if debate among American political leaders was more like that in Britain…

Today we got a glimpse of what that might be like. It’s a long way away from the UK style of conversation, but it’s also a long way from what we’re used to hearing.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio, more calmly delivered:

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  • BJ

    Sounds more like a roast than a bashing.

  • kennedy

    I am sick of sound bites.

    Our elected representatives should debate more often. Engaging in debate requires knowledge of a subjects benefits and costs. I respect someone who can present an intelligent case for their cause (in writing or oral debate). Too often our politicians go for the emotional response. We encourage that when we spout or parrot partisan catch-phrases. While there would be partisan posturing aplenty, I expect a debate would air more facts than a press release.